Thursday, January 31, 2008

eskom.... argh

i wanted to post something totally different today, have the post all typed up and ready to publish, but now my bloody spell checker doesn't work and of course the paragraphs are up to shit again, so i'll leave you with this for now and promise to post something worthwhile Monday. I hope you have a dangerously delicious weekend people... sleep when you're dead and remember above all...
no regrets ok?!
you only live once after all :-)

8 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Patchwork said...


We need to be able to read 'em!


Ruby said...

oh yay! i'm going on a na na na naaaa!!!!!

AngelConradie said...


those are fargin hysterical! i think eskom and telkom should both be re-labelled terrorist organisations!!!

Sweets said...

bridge: i know i know, i did the best i could... put on your glasses ;-)

ruby: hmmm... did i miss something?

angel: thank God you've got eyes... mwhahahahah i also thought they were quite funny ;-)

kyknoord said...

Sleep when you're dead? No way, didn't the Energy minister Bulelwa Sonjica tell us to "Go to sleep earlier so that you can grow and be cleverer"?

Ruby said... did say enjoy the weekend...sleep when you're dead etc....soooo, i'm going on a roadtrip...and i'm sure everybody will be jealous! well, the ones who can't anyway:-)

Nosjunkie said...

I love madam and eve
have a good one sweets

Unknown said...

A dangerously delicious weekend? Sounds like an adventure to me!

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