Monday, January 28, 2008

monday facts

i'm grateful...

  1. that i don't have a police record

  2. that my kids are on a better medical aid than i'm on

  3. that i've never had athlete's foot

  4. that my belly button is an inny and not an outy

  5. that i can bath twice a day

  6. that i don't have hiv

  7. that i don't bite my nails anymore

  8. that i'm happy for the first time in many many years

  9. that i don't like pizza that much anymore

  10. that "the apprentice" is back

  11. that i'm not married to steve hofmeyr

things i am NOT so grateful for..

  1. i have a mummy tummy

  2. that i can't afford to buy a place of my own

  3. i can't go back to the library cause i own them lots of money

  4. that every mozzie in south africa has a craving for my blood

  5. that "the amazing race" seems to have left our screens forever

  6. the fact that jacob zuma will probably be our next president

13 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Nosjunkie said...

We have a very strict rule in our house that no body is allowed to google who the winner is going to be... and I am so pissed with Chris

angel said...

teehee, nice way to start a monday i reckon! counting one's blessings is important i reckon!

i am NOT grateful for the fact that i am again having interweb connection hassles at home!!!

Sheena Gates said...

hahahhaha i have the same prob witht hte library



kyknoord said...

The Library Police are on the way right now.

sweetass RSA said...

lee: i agree, totally not funny

angel: are you serious?! no!!!!!!!!

sheena: so sad

kyk: no!!! dear God no!!!!!!!!!!!

MsMozi said...

An inny is so much better than an outy - my ex had an outy, completely freaked me out.

And you're right... what happened to Amazing Race???

Anonymous said...

I wonder with sn outie, where does the money shot gather???

Is that new pic you???
if so let me yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww

Melany aka Supermom said...

You don't want to visit here..I think we have the mozzie head office in our backyard.

I MUST agree about Zuma...that just scares me

sweetass RSA said...

mozi: belly button crazy... hehe... i miss amazing race, absolutely loved that show, even more than survivor

sage: sorry sweetheart, not... ;-)

mel: i'm just trying to stay positive, who knows maybe he'll surprise us

Bridget said...

Mwaahaaahaaa, I'm going to google the winner and drop his/her name on my blog. Eeek!

Innit wonderful that you have soooo much to be grateful for though? Far outweighs the bad stuff.

Anonymous said...

Let's see what i am grateful for:

1. A good job which makes me independent
2. Good family and friends around me
3. The Cell C Hummer TV Ads
4. The Sunday Times
5. Jacob Zuma...(for obvious reasons)

Things I am not grateful for:
1. Jacob Zuma (i changed my mind!!)
2. I am not growing as tall as i want to
3.... i can't think right now..

Thanks for coming by my blog!!!

Obakeng, The Chief

Anonymous said...

In my mind it is!
sothere ;)~

sweetass RSA said...

bridge: jip, lovely, yet we still moan and groan about stupid shit!

obi: LOL dude i love your list!!!! all except the hummer ads... i hate those!!!!!! hummer hummer cell c.... awful!!!

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