Tuesday, January 29, 2008

bring out the honey!

some of us have mastered the art of flirting...i do not claim to have these powers, and yet i would actually love to... more often than not i totally fumble ... but it's still fun... our world is too cynical, we need to lighten up a bit... if people could learn to flirt more with each other that would be quite something... and to me to flirt doesn't mean that you have romantic intentions with a person... it can be with a girl friend.... or your child...or your dad....doesn't matter....old and young.... flirtation i have found... makes me feel alive... that's what i'm after... and of course the shock in the eyes of someone when they're not expecting it... i totally love that.... it's a difficult concept to explain... i just think that if i smile at the cute guy in pick 'n pay who's walking around with his frumpy wife...i'm not trying to steal her husband away... maybe he feels totally unappreciated... or lost or something and there i am.... acknowledging him...that's all...that's what a wink or a smile or a pet name does to me... it acknowledges that i'm alive...know what i mean?... it acknowleges that i'm a woman, a girl a babe even though i'm a mom and a parent and an adult... and we need to flirt with our kids, with our siblings, flirtation prob has a more romantic connotation to it i realise that.... but for the lack of a better word or term i'm using it for my purposes today...

every single one of us enjoy that recognition~ that spark you allow to flow trough you into someone else... have you caught the eye of a child that feels left out...that absolute immediate smile you get in return... that excitement when a guy looks at you and winks...and you'll never see them again... am i the only one that get's a kick out of that?

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kyknoord said...

I think you may be underestimating the ability of guys to interpret your intentions. Allow me to illustrate:

Scene: A supermarket

MAN (to audience): She wants me.


sweetass RSA said...

wmmmmmmmmmmahahahahahaha... ok point taken... you guys are so bloody easy... teehee

Ruby said...

*laughing and applauding Kyk's brilliant theatre production*

i love a little bit of innocent flirting too...but it seems to get me into scrapes though!

Elise said...

I love the flirty look, the wink etc but I think it can lead to misunderstandings...

Girls love to be appreciated though. I feel good when a cute guy winks or smiles at me. :) xx

angel said...

bucking frilliant post sweetass, i love flirting!!!

i flirt with everyone all the time!!!

ooer... okay, i get it now... maybe this is why i have a bit of a rep?

Southern Sage said...

you have crushed my ego. Not that I had any confidence to begin with. I might jump from somethng high now
See I have alaways believed that women flirted with me because I was beautiful, sexy, smart, wonderful etc etc etc, now you enlighten me, sigh y'all do it strictly as a public service

M@ said...

Yeah, I need to get out more.

Nosjunkie said...

sweets your one hot hunny momma!

how was that?

BecauseIcan said...

I flirt all the time..

I get no curtains dropping on me..

maybe i am doing it wrong..


sweetass RSA said...

@ruby: no problem there!

@elise: exactly, if not why not i always say!

@angel: you are the champion of flirting i think!

@sage: surely your wife is not frumpy... you i would flirt with just for the hell of it ;-)

@m: i think you should... try mingling with females

@lee: see, how nice was that, thanks hon!! *wink*

@b~i~c: LOL... yeah you and me both! btw~ welcome!!

Southern Sage said...

Advice from a Southern Sage:
Be careful, damn careful wo you tempt!

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