Sunday, June 14, 2009

groovy baby

the amount of posts i've written in my head the last few months is just insane... and here i am... after the millionth post... and i've just deleted like 3 posts... hmmm... i've lost my fucking groove haven't i???!!!! ... was NOT expecting that... so yeah... baby steps it'll have to be...

so as my first baby step lemme tell you about the total dish of a dentist i met on friday... just a pity i met him after i threw a total fit in the waiting room... i broke my tooth... right off... so about two weeks ago and R800 buckeroos later i had a new semi permanent little chomper until i could get a dreaded root canal and a new crown made... and friday morning i was chewing away on a piece of gum... and POP... off the semi jumps, i almost swallowed it... friday afternoon i went back to glue the fucker back right... then they produce the pre invoice you have to sign to basically ok all the thousands they are about to bill you for... so i had a back and forth with the receptionist about not paying one cent more... the whole office was involved.... loud voices and such... and i won... oh yeah oh yeah... but the dishy dentist was not impressed, all sexy and smouldering behind his little mask... hehe... i just know when to pick my battles don't I... soooo glad he didn't have to inject me cause i think he wanted to...erm... hurt me reaaaaaaaaal bad...

Friday, June 12, 2009

hell yeah :)




is it odd that the excitement of this moment is almost as good i dunno... it's just so sooooooooooo good!!!

hello all of you crazy wonderful people!!! good heavens i've missed this shit :)

it is quite indecent, ok maybe indecent is the wrong choice of words, but i cannot completely explain to you how i have missed this crazy thing called blogging... and all the bloggers... man alive...

it all depends on how much airtime my new cellphone bestows on me, that's how much i'll blog and that's how much i'll read...

ok some news:

i'm good

still love the new job

my kids are still the cutest and wildest miniatures on the planet

and no, still no mantoy

ah man i have so much to tell you and this is all i come up with???

anyhoodle.... talk soon...!!!!

*jumping up and down from excitement*

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