Monday, August 6, 2007


as optimistic as i was friday that's how unsunflowery i feel today... i couldn't get up this morning, the kids took twice as long to get ready for school, i had to yell repeatedly to get a reaction out of them... i hate yelling at my kids, really i do, it's not fair, how difficult is it to listen when i ask politely, pleeeeeeeeeeze sweetie get out of bed ok, ok buster, pllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzze get out of bed NOW, and then i have to start yelling, cause i leave in 10 minutes and little buster is still lying in bed, i ask you... it's not fair!!!
i don't know if my way of thinking have gone of the rails completely but in times like that you know who i get mad at?? my ex, he decided to up and go 2 yrs ago, leave my sweet ass all alone with our 2 darling kids, and just waltz into their lives when he feels like it! divorce really is a horrible thing, like this weekend he came to pick them up for the day on sunday, spoiling them silly and then drops them off at home when they're cranky and hungry, i live in the real word vs his dream world... i just wonder (silly me), where the fck does he get money to spoil them for a whole day but there is never money for child support...i have to get over my anger somehow, he just pisses me off i can't tell you, and to top it all off he brought his new girlfriend with on sunday, all perky and giggly, the poor thing, i think i made her very very very nervous, that was quite fun *evil laugh* she has noooooooo idea what lies just around the corner for her... it prop sounds like i need therapy right *shrilly laugh* it's just monday... never a good day for me...

ps: louisa thanx for the post!!

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