Monday, August 20, 2007

migraine....have mercy pleeeeeeeeease

the other day i was bragging about the fact that i don't get any pms symptoms ... i lied.
i didn't lie on purpose, promise, i just forgot that i get migraines. other woman get mood swings, others can't put enough food in their mouths, other are just plain nasty... but i get migraine's....i've learnt to work around them, run away from them, do absolutely anything not to get them, cause they sure hurt like hell. i get hormonal migraines, it was so bad once i actually puked, that was a first for me, to puke from pain! my gynae then told me to stop taking the inactive contraceptive pills, so i skip my period and then i skip my migraine, voila, i love my gynae. that's why i forget i get them, cause i get them about 4 times a year, so i only have my period 4 times a year as well, bargain!! my gynae says it's safe, can't believe there aren't more woman who does this... just to skip their dreaded period...
people that don't get migraines have no idea how bad it can be, it's like me who has no sympathy with people who has depression, i just don't get it. but i get migraine's.
i was lying on my bed on friday afternoon, curtains drawn, with a wet facecloth on my forehead, like an old lady... but it gave me some relief while i waited for my migraine cocktail to kick in, no no ~ no alcohol, it's a cocktail i get from my pharmacist, he combines about 5 different pills to kill the migraine. knocks you out six love for about 3 hours, blissful pain free sleep, and when you get up you feel like a million bucks...

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angel said...

oooh... i love lentogesic or mybulen for that... also knocks me six-love!

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