Friday, August 17, 2007

all work and no play

that's me at the moment...working way to hard for wayyyyyyy too little moola! but i'm not complaining, i actually *whisper* ....enjoy my job... sinful i know ha ha.... anyway, work is overloading and i've charged my sweet ass into overdrive to keep up.... the mental picture that brings to mind can either be very pleasant or quite disturbing... to me to picture is way disturbing ...
yesterday i went to do my monthly grocery shopping, something i love to do, confirming the fact that i must, no disputing that very disturbed, cause who in their right mind actually enjoy walking down heaven knows how many aisles and dumping mundane articles such as toilet paper and washing powder into their trolley??? but like the saying goes, small things amuses small minds, so i'm not complaining. the fact that i enjoy comparing prices and consider it a small miracle to save R2 or R3 per item is shameful... i have turned into a plain jane... heaven have mercy. the other thing i enjoy while comparing the price difference between the various brands of ear buds... (pitiful *sigh*) is to ogle all the single guys doing their shopping, for some reason i feel sorry for them, why i dunno! i try my best to keep my mouth shut cause there are times when i can say the most stupid things to very cute guys standing in front of millions of containers of yogurt... yesterday i was packing a sinful amount of cookies into my trolley, it's small two cookie packets which i like to stash in my kids lunch boxes, i don't eat these cookies, really *wink-wink*... but the guy checking out the cookies on the shelves kept looking at me, by the third round carrying maaaaany packets of cookies to my trolley he could not keep quiet anymore and with a crooked smile on his cute face asked me... "you sure like cookies" and i'm sure he then glanced down to my sweet ass wanting to probably encourage me to take them all back... i sweetly replied (and i'm sure he obviously didn't believe me) "these are for my kids, i put them in their lunch boxes".... by my sixth trip (cause he was hogging the space in front of the shelf!) he said the following: "you must have a lot of kids!".... aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh .... bloke rather keep your mouth shut ok, i don't eat the freaking cookies!!! embarrassing... i still blush at the thought of it... mercy mercy

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angel said...

hah- see- yet more justification for me not speaking to ANYONE in the shops!
and i love shopping too- of ANY kind!

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