Friday, August 3, 2007


friday!!!! whoop whoop! whoop whoop! oh yeah! oh yeah! my sweet ass will be doing the happy birthday jive this weekend, watch out! i love friday's, only work till one and then i'm offffff...

i don't get it, i've been reading all the blogs i usually read every day, and everybody seems to be a bit miffed today... they are either complaining of pms, thank the dear lord i have never suffered one iota of pms, which makes you wonder if the other girls aren't just basically in a bad mood during the same time each month, more power to you girls but like i said, i don't get pms... really i don't. some have pms, some are just plain unhappy today, what's wrong with everybody am i the only one looking forward to my weekend, geezzzz, no man, get with the plan ok??? ok!!!! isn't it the most irritating thing in the world when you're feeling shitty and you find this utterly positive person (that's me today hehe) who seems to have endless energy irritating you until you also feel as perky as a little sunflower... i'm sorry i think i'm the irritatingly friendly cheerful sunflower today.... without further ado, have a great weekend!!!

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Louisa said...

Hope you had a kick-@ss weekend, it certainly seems like it got off to a good start? ;-)

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