Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bullies @ school

my son had a very bestest best friend (if you watch winnie the pooh you will get it ;-) until yesterday...
yesterday my son fired his best friend.
i am so proud of him!
this may sound utterly silly but it was so the right thing to do. this best friend was doing everything he could think of to show my son who's boss, so guess where i'm going with this?! this kid verbally abused my son and you know how sensitive they are at that age (12), took his tuck shop money, ate his sandwiches and he's supposed to be my son's best friend!! now this is why i am proud of my son: i've taught him to never punch first, not to be aggressive and always try to handle these situations calmly, so last friday the friend took his money, again, and my son decided - enough already!! he insisted that the friend give his money back, the friend pushed him and baaaaaaaaaahmmmmm, the little friend had to take what was coming his way... the teacher had to pull my son off this poor kid, he was going at it like a pro! the other mother made her son apologise to my son that same afternoon and we thought ok he's learnt his lesson.... apparently not!
yesterday my son phoned me after school, he was highly upset and insisted that i phone this kid's mom, his words "if you don't phone her mommy, then i will" hehe i'm so proud of the way he's standing up for himself. life skills people, that's what i'm trying my utmost to teach my kids ~ if i succeed with that, i can rest easy. anyhooooo, yesterday the stupid sod of a child insulted me (as in me the mother!!!) i can tell you what he said but it's really disgusting, so that was the proverbial last straw that broke the back of this friendship. my son said that if his friend insulted his mother it's overs kedovers!
he stuck up for me, how great is that?!

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