Tuesday, April 15, 2008

batman crazy

firstly, I have decided that calling the ex just that is just boring beyond belief, so i've decided to name him Batman... why?... well he is evil enough sometimes to have bats follow him everywhere... and if he pushes out his chest just a teeny little bit, and put his hands on his hips... he just needs a cape... mwhahahahahaha...

i've done a psychiatric evaluation on Batman and this is what i've come up with, cause really, there is something wrong with that man, as normal as he appears to be most of the time... sometimes he's just not...

i wrote a post last year sometime... and keeping the content of that in the back of my mind... together with our society being bombarded with so much information about psychiatric problems~ and of course Oprah, she just loves this subject... i have slowly, without wanting to realise it or accept it or face it for that matter realised that my ex is probably bipolar...

when we got divorced the last time we went to see a psychiatrist to discuss how to handle the divorce with the kids... she confronted him after a few sessions ... she privately told me that the person she's met and talked to in depth does not gel with the person i was divorcing... there was and is an inconsistency about his behavioural patterns that is staggering... she told him that she suspects that he has some sort of imbalance where he overreacts on certain issues or situations...

cause what's been so unbelievably difficult through this whole journey that i've known this man is that i "know" who he is, i know how good he is... and then yes i know how absolutely evil he can be... two completely different people...

i was brought up in a semi sane household, something like depression for example never featured anywhere, i come from practical stock you see :)

if you have a problem, fix it, don't cry about it...
don't gnash your teeth and cry big crocodile tears...
fix it!

so in my mind i have always had this frustration with Batman that i just couldn't understand why he wouldn't FIX things... if he was depressed, which he often was, fix the reason why you're depressed FFS!... if he got raging mad... i couldn't for the life of me understand how such small things could totally get him off...

all of the symptoms are classic... his symptoms started at the age of 17, 18...
  • frequent thoughts of suicide
  • grandeur thoughts and unrealistic plans
  • rages for no apparent reason
  • sexually promiscuous
  • frequent depression
  • spending sprees
  • excessive drug and alcohol abuse
  • total denial

i've always seen him as a roller coater, he was and is forever going up and down up and down... now what i've realised is that by divorcing him, yes absolutely did the right thing at the time, and no i have no plans whatsoever of getting back with him... ever...
BUT... i was always the human shield between him and the kids... i removed them from any situation whenever i could see things started going wrong... and now i've conveniently removed myself out of that equation.... fuck...

that psychiatrist who cornered him gave him a number of a psychologist and he just laughed it off... so ... he has ALL of the classic symptoms of bipolar... and i know this... so what do i do with this knowledge??

shocking realisation without any way of doing anything about this... and it's genetic... bloody beautiful!....i can't very well sit him down and tell him i know the secret that will change his life forever, he will either laugh his ass off or get insanely mad... i can handle both but what's the point of telling him if i KNOW he's not going to do anything about it, he likes the way he is i think... which is also a symptom.... just call me guru sweets :)

... anyway as long as my kids are safe and sane i'm probably just going to let it be and if the opportunity ever presents itself... tell him he's totally off his rocker and to go steal some lithium...

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c@th said...

oohhh this is excellent. !

The Jackson Files said...

He actually sounds a bit scary, but I guess as long as your kids are safe, you can just be grateful that it's someone else's (Pauli/Paula?) problem.

sweets said...

cath: hmmmmmm glad you like dollface ;)

jacks: LOL i know... but i need to protect my babies and can't leave that to ms airhead... well can't do much about it anyway now can i?

btw the LOVE is no more with poor paula hehe

ozymandiaz said...

Such Irony. Before I get into that let me just say I lived ten years with a woman who was diagnosed bipolar. Put me through a shredder. I can relate.
Now, onto the Irony; you choose the moniker of Batman for your previous mate. You attribute similar dysfunctions to both. These dysfunctions carry with them the label of mental illness. One of the villainous characters in Batman was Victor Zsasz, a serial Killer (thus the villainous tag). The character is actually a reference to a Doctor Thomas S. Szasz. A contention of Dr Szazs, to the chagrin of the psychiatric community, is there is no such thing ass mental illness, but all are
Well, this will explain better. From Szasz.com
“Perhaps most radically ... Thomas Szasz deemed mental illness a mythic and monstrous beast,
and proclaimed that 'mental illness' was a fiction. Insanity, he has continued ever since
to claim, is not a real disease, whose nature has been progressively scientifically unveiled;
mental illness is rather a myth, forged by psychiatrists for their own greater glory.
Over the centuries, medical men and their supporters have been involved, argues Szasz,
in a self-serving 'manufacture of madness.' In this, he indicts both the pretensions of
organic psychiatry and the psychodynamic followers of Freud, whose notion of the
'unconscious' in effect breathed new life into the obsolete metaphysical Cartesian dualism.
For Szasz, any expectation of finding the etiology of mental illness in body or mind --
above all in some mental underworld -- must be a lost cause, a dead-end, a linguistic error,
and even an exercise in bad faith. 'Mental illness' or the 'unconscious' are not realities
but at best metaphors. In promoting such ideas, psychiatrists have either been involved in
improper cognitive imperialism or have rather naively pictorialized the psyche -- reifying
the fictive substance behind the substantive. Properly speaking, contends Szasz, insanity
is not a disease with origins to be excavated, but a behavior with meanings to be decoded.
Social existence is a rule-governed game-playing ritual in which the mad person bends the
rules and exploits the loopholes. Since the mad person is engaged in social performances
that obey certain expectations so as to defy others, the pertinent questions are not about
the origins, but about the conventions, of insanity. In this light, Szasz dismisses
traditional approaches to the history of madness, as questions mal pos├ęs, and aims to
reformulate them.”

See the Irony?

c@th said...

i'm with you sweets.

i love this because, i find it helps me to deal with fear when i can label it.

it makes me feel not so alone to have someone else do it.


Sheena Gates said...

i know i keep saying this, but im so glad you left him!!!!!

there was only room in the relationship for one nutter, you!


sweets said...

ozy: very clever!!! :)
what is truly ironic is that it rained on my wedding day... i did alanis proud!

c@th: yes... labelling fear is what i do too... dysfunctional maybe but it works for me :)

sheena: snort...i need space for my own madness... hell yes mwhahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Yes. I should have listened when TWO psychologists told us to get divorced because both said he would never change...ME in my stupid "I can save the world" thinking, may now have to realize that I cannot change someone else. I cannot fix someone else.
Good for you for moving on

Anonymous said...

I have never been to either pole.
It's cold thee they say

Hazel said...

just passed by to say hi

sweets said...

mom: i thought that people could change... well i was wrong ;) thinking of you ok?!

sage: pole dance?

hazel: hi hazel, sorry i haven't been around... me bad ;)

Bridget said...

It might have karma that you would be reading my blog at the same time I was reading yours.

Seeing your comment on mine took the anger out of my response to this post.

But it left me with enough tot say this.


sweets said...

brige: Batman be crazy yes... ;)

Elise said...

His mood swings and change of character must have been awful to live with. Never knowing how he's going to react. You did the right thing by leaving him. He needs to realise that he needs help..

He sounds scary!


Ruby said...

hmm...lots of bipolar people coming out of the woodwork these days.....briney seems to have started a new trend

Ruby said...


angel said...

awesome post, its heartsore that he can't see his way clear to getting help...

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