Thursday, April 10, 2008

poetry rocks!!

when i was younger i couldn't fathom why anyone would want to read poetry, the fact that people loved poetry or voluntarily would read the stuff was beyond me...

then i grew up and now i'm one of those people...

my personal favourite is Ma by Antjie Krog, I don't know why but it just gets me every time... stunning... i absolutely love poetry... i recently found this blog and just had to share this poem with you...

poem by Ocellus

How is it
When I look at this world
I am not overcome with sadness
I caress
Tiptoes in thunderstorms
Transgression to transgression
The sea boils
I can hear the hiss at night
In those moments when you are not me
A tear swells
But has no where to fall
Gravity, for once, giving way to the melancholy
This moment
Or perhaps that one over there
Offers the opportunity for absolute clarity
What I do
Internalize the chaos outside
In an attempt to find connection with the inhabitants
What I find
The absurdities within me
Are no match for the insanity of humanity
I’m sorry
For having said way too much
Or for having said nothing at all to anyone
The shadows
Of the overlapping spheres of life
Part for the god ray that accuses my presence
And I bow
In the light of my own judgment
I realize that darkness resides ever about me


if you liked that read this one, another favourite ... poetry rocks... who knew ;)

12 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Elise said...

I was like you. When I was in school it was bad enough that I had to study poetry for English Lit. W

hen I got older I spoke to guy who described an underground UK rapper as a poet. I listened to his lyrics and they were incredable deep and in a twisted way they were meaningless. I began reading poetry. It opened up an undiscovered world.

I loved that poem. So much in there to play in your mind xx

Tamara said...

If you're into poetry, check out where the dude gives a poem spark word and people respond in the comments section. He's a bit slow on posting at the moment, but I love reading through his poems and those of commenters in the older posts.

Obakeng, The Chief said...

Hello Stef,

Just wanted to say i have noted your comment over at my blog and will work towards implementing your advice...

Thank you

sweets said...

elise: it really is like a undiscovered word, i can't get enough ;)

tam: will do!! sounds interesting :)

obi: why on earth are you so formal dude...i called you obi one kenobi remember? mwhahahahahah thanks for note though ;)

ozymandiaz said...

Sweets, I am honored
I still often look upon poetry and go "WTF?"
And then I look at other peoples poetry and go "Oh yea, thats why"
To me the magic in poetry is in the context. I used to be hung up on form and rhyme and rhythme and such but now I understand that for me it is about what is being displayed of the creator's soul.

sweets said...

ozzy! wow... the sexy poet comes to visit!!... your poetry is really amazing... the poem you posted today again blew my mind... ;)

Mandy said...

I LOVE poetry!! I have like a zillion poetry books.

That one was beautiful, loved it!!


M@ said...

i couldn't figure that one, either.

Anonymous said...

I love poetry!
but only when its mixed with a banjo and steel guitar!

sweets said...

mandy! ozzy does have a way with words that for sure ;)

m@ well don't break something while figuring that one out ;)

sage: ok... i just won't say anything hehe ;)

angel said...

i always lovd poetry and shakespeare, and still do!

meleah rebeccah said...

I wish I could write poetry.

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