Monday, April 14, 2008


some words just carry more oemf or meaning than others... and so does photos... here's some of my favourites words and one of my favourite pics...














i wonder if these words say anything about me...??

fav picture... stunning eh?

15 COMMENTS....bite me!:

angel said...

gawjis pic... must agree!

Anonymous said...

great pic!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously one of her favourite words is "frostbite". Brrr.

ozymandiaz said...

har har
ala, that would be one of mine also
if it were so easy to be defined by words

The Jackson Files said...

Those words are GREAT...and if you wanted you could use quite a few of those words in one sentence - like: "I'm going to goad my nemesis by calling him a wanker, dammit."

Imagine if you found a way to use all of them in one sentence. Now that would be a good day!

Love ya blog, sweets, it's a great read.

sweets said...

angel: same taste!

sage: what can i say? hehe

kyk: oh my ... eina!

ozy: luckily not eh? sometimes i wish i could be defined by words, it would make life somehow... easier ;)

jacks: what have you done to my beautiful words?! LOL thanks hun you are sweet, but i knew that already :)

Bridget said...

Ask Lord Wiggly about nemesis. From Snatch. He knows the quote better than I do.

I don't like the photo.

sweets said...

bridget... you need a smoke hun, seriously ;)

Sheena Gates said...

nemenemenemisis is my favourite. Also, WANKER. YOU'RE SUCH A FUCKING WANKER! is probably better, though.

hee hee. am hungover. so is bridget.

sweets said...

nemenemenemisis is such a cool word ;)


i know someone who qualifies as an absolute fucking WANKER today... you agree?? hehe

c@th said...

this is an absolutely beautiful picture!


Anonymous said...

Mind if I turn your post into a meme dear? Nice words, btw.

sweets said...

cath: oh yes it is stunning, why i like a nude woman i have no forking clue... but anyway ;)

parenthesis: oh wow... be my guest!! good idea, just don't tag me ok?? hehe

Philip said...

Lovely image

sweets said...

philip! *gasp* thanks for your quarterly visit ;)

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