Wednesday, April 2, 2008

meme done

sheebee tagged me for this meme... and don't worry i won't tag anybody ok... bridget!!!??? you hear that??? ok i lie i would love to see the insides of angel's handbag but i know she also hates meme's so... don't worry i 'll just sneak a peek whenever... or you can give me a guide tour angel! hehe... anyway!!! on to the meme then...

here's my handbag...

and what's inside!

  1. black leather wallet, love the wallet although it's a bit of a dud, my cards don't fit, strange...
  2. cell phone, nokia
  3. pen
  4. pee shooter ~ jay's
  5. 4 lighters, can never be without a lighter can you?
  6. 1 box of marlboro lights cigarettes, never without a pack
  7. mentos sweeties, kids love them, i do too ;)
  8. lip liner
  9. lip gloss
  10. small bottle of perfume
  11. pepper spray... i've always wanted to use this but have never had the chance.
  12. sunblock stick... africa baby!
  13. tube of germalene... i don't know!
  14. 4 x normal lip balm
  15. 1 special lip balm...softlips hehe
  16. floss
  17. compact mirror
  18. id book
  19. necklace
  20. flash disk
  21. hairband thingies, i'm growing my hair... one word - disaster...
  22. secret container with secret feminine goodies
  23. spur's wet ones... i know my kids are all grown up but they still spill and mess on a regular basis...
  24. lots of pilletjies... i get severe headaches so i'm sorted for anything from migraine to sinus

that's it! and yes those are my big toes in the picture.... giving you a thumbs-up ;)

20 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Bridget said...

Where are you tissues!

Compact mirror, what girl is without one?

Erm what size shoe do you wear then?

I have the pepper spray and perfume as well. And i have used my pepper spray a lot!

The Jackson Files said...

I find that a good pea shooter is an essential in my handbag!

Seriously though...that's a very nice black handbag.

The Divine Miss M said...

I must be the most UNGIRLY person ever, my handbag is a complete disaster. Hence why I've been ignoring the meme's.

Actually I ignore all Meme's ;)

sweets said...

bridget: i know, after the pic i added the tissues...hehe

shoe size? my feet look a little bit small on the pic... i wear a 7... my flannels make my feet look small! wmahahahahahaha

jacks: essential yes... mwhahahahha... love this bag... woolies, i should have bought the beige and brown one too!!

miss m: you would have been ungirly if you didn't have a handbag... ;)

Ruby said...

i've got the pepperspray too...and i've used it...once on someone who was bothering me and once maybe i'll write a letter to self at some point to tell you all about it;)

with you on the neck and back were totally screwed up in that carcrash...i get really bad tension headaches;( wait...i don't have a compact in my bag.......*rushing off to go find one in a male only office*

Sheena Gates said...

hA! Your feet! i thought it was your bloody hands! freakishly long toes you got, madame!

hee hee.

Bridget said...

Hey I just noticed! You're soooo brown from the see. You could try for coconutship with that color hun.

sweets said...

ruby: you funny thing you mwhahahahaha... i just don't get it, why does it seem that everybody has had a chance to use their pepper spray but me???? you guys pinch a disprin between your legs when you run away too??

sheebee: i know... i have apostle feet ;)

bridge: i will enter the next ms coconut beauty pageant! hehe... i lose it so quicks tho... pity

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wahaha!! I tried to do my handbag meme today and my flash disk wouldn't read! So annoying!

Well done you! x

angel said...

i like i like i like!
and i been tagged with this one already... i just have to do it...


wow, you have such "girly" bag contents (for lack of a better word...)

Glugster said...

boomklim tone.

Glugster said...

Bring net jou eie boom.....

Faerie said...

Awesome vacation.
Nice purse contents... and convo with the hubby... like mastercard... PRICELESS

Faerie said...

Awesome vacation.
Nice purse contents... and convo with the hubby... like mastercard... PRICELESS

Hazel said...

wow,,can put so many things in the handbag

Natalie said...

I have to agree, your toes do look funny in the pic!hee hee. And I bet that pea shooter is really yours!:-)

sweets said...

blondy: my digital camera's batts went flat in the middle of my "photo shoot"... so the contents of my bag was spread on the carpet for a few hours while the batteries charged... hehe

angel: girly content.... mwhahahahahahaha wtf??? i had a pocket knife in my bag for a while, better? hehe

glugs: LOL jy bedoel seker boomklim-koningin... hehe good one glugs!!!

faerie: priceless indeed ;)

hazel: it's a kind of magic!

nats: i know i have funny toes, that's why i used them as props!

and yes... the peeshooter is mine, i try to lead by example ;)

Lopz said...

A fellow lip balm junkie! I also never have less than 3.

Globus said...

that's a lot of lip balm.

hey, nats, bridge and ange are here already :-)

globus is sure the average size of the handbag has doubled in the past decade.

Jenty said...

A pea shooter? LOL!!

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