Friday, April 25, 2008


have a good weekend ya'll :)
this picture hopefully inspires you to NOT sit on your ass the whole weekend... get out there and live a little!


"A runner's creed:
I will win;
if I cannot win,
I shall be second;
if I cannot be second,
I shall be third;
if I cannot place at all,
I shall do my best."

~Ken Doherty

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The Divine Miss M said...

That's the motto I follow for life - I will try my best no matter what and it is all about having fun :)

BecauseIcan said...

Stunning pic..

Thank you, I plan to have a calm weekend with my BF and our kiddies.. all four of them!! hahahahaha

(i havent forgotten what you said about running... going to look for new sports bra's with built in duct tape .. baby steps, baby steps )

sweets said...

miss m: only way to have a good time!!! glad you popped in i thought you've abandoned me :)

ican: oh boy you are going to have such a calm weekend... NOT!!! four???? four????

baby steps yeah!! i use two bras’, so don't be shy, but don't buy the conventional sports-bra, look for those tank top type things,
then you have only one uniboob to worry about ;)

BecauseIcan said...

I wear a woolies cross your heart (real ugly thing) at the moment for gym cos its the firmest fit I have found for me. The other sports bra's I have tried either dont go to D cup or I might aswell not wear anything ..
AS for my quiet weekend .. When our four get together we only hear from them when they hungry.. the rest of the time they get on with whatever teaparty the girls have set up for them... (I have two boys 13 & 9 and he has two girls aged 6 & 8...)

Glugster said...

That photo has motivated me to go to bed early tonight! LOL

Anonymous said...

what is chasing those people?
I hope they get away from whatever it is!

hmmm maybe there is a buffet and some beer up ahead that they are running for.

My motto is be first. See when you run or compete there is only one lead dog, everyone else is following.

sweets said...

ican: i'm a DD so i've been wearing the same one forever cause i've never been able to replace min! (check at makro they sometimes have, which is surprising)

enjoy the tea party!!

glugs: oh man just go buy a proper bed first ok ;)

sage: nobody's chasing anybody LOL if you don't like running you won't get it, it's really fun and once that bug has bitten, the rest is history ;)

The Divine Miss M said...

Awww hon I read every single one of your entries just been slightly busy at work so not commenting that much! :(

Slyde said...

Just found your blog.. love it!

p.s. i saw in some earlier posts you were talking about MILFs and where the term came from. I am fairly certain that it was coined in the first American Pie movie...

ozymandiaz said...

that picture represents exactly what I will be doing
if someone huals ass with my beer that is

sweets said...

miss m: ok good excuse... i'll forgive you this time, i've missed you dammit! remember about all work and no play... ;)

slyde: you're right...!!
*MILF smiles her welcoming smile at new green monster* you're a funny guy slyde, i'll be stalking you so be warned ;)

ozzy: tsk tsk... you mean to say that if a girl looking like that headed for the woods and asked you to follow you'll stay on the couch?... you need to build up a thirst before you deserve the beers! :)~

ozymandiaz said...

Not into games. She wants the best sex of her life, she knows where to find me. Why waste the energy running when it can be used on more "productive" ventures.
Then again
After slamming a few I may be willing to chase her if she was a bit more heafty. The one in the picture looks like she could run for miles, hell, I'd never catch her.
BTW, Sent you some words via electronic message service.

M@ said...

I'm going for one tomorrow!

Natalie said...

I am afraid that picture did nothing for me but make me tired just looking at them running! lol..missed you my sweets! Hope you have a great weekend!xxx

angel said...

how bout if i'm feeling shitty... can i spend the weekend on my arse then?

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