Wednesday, July 30, 2008

where's my whip?

ha... thought i was going all kinky and shit right?!... well maybe another time on another blog :)~

I'm writing a speech for Kay for school, his subject is


you can either agree or disagree... (in the speech that is ) so I changed it a bit and rather discuss that schools, South African schools in any case are geared towards the left brain dominant scholars... in effect stating that schools are unfairly advantageous to left brainers and the poor right brainers just struggle to keep with the program... and btw if you're shocked that i still write their speeches *sigh* i secretly love doing it... and i feel learning the speech off by heart is difficult enough... so for now... nuff said!

I'm not going to discuss this any further, i just want you to go look at this image and report back. being a right brainer i see the dancer turn one way and then switch to turn the other way, after a while the image switch as I want... apparently left brainers CAN'T do this!... *all the right brainers together now* poor you! nice being the odd one out eh?! my sister who's an mechanical engineer, and highly intelligent nearly had a fit because she couldn't make the dancer switch... or make her go the other way for that matter ;)

so I'm excessively arty~farty~feely~emotional and intuitive, but i can make the dancer turn both ways baby... just don't ask me to think rationally, analyze anything on think practically as to why this is so :)

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Polgara said...

According to that i'm a right brainer too but i display more of a left brainers characteristics...go figure!
Pol x

Sweets said...

only you Pol LOL :)~

leez said...

I'm left brained. Which isn't a bad thing. I think. But I share both characteristics.

Getting back to your topic: school is not for clever or talented individuals but for hardwrokers who have been taught by parents that book smarts does not equate street smarts.

Sweets said...

leez... school is for hard workers, no problem there! some kids just have a MUCH easier ride cause it comes naturally, if you haven't experienced it yourself you won't understand what i'm saying. but i get what you're saying ;)

BTW: you are such a lefty dude, did the lady dance for you?

AngelConradie said...

that was fun- i had a colleague looking over my shoulder and he could see her going one way and me the other- and i can switch her back and forth!
as for the left vs right brain schooling... damien has ALWAYS come short because teachers are trained to focus on auditory learning and repetition where a right brain dominant learner doesn't get anything from that. this has been one of the biggest bugbears in damien's schooling as he is VERY right brained!

Charmskool said...

How weird I see her turning from right to left and back but not round and round. If I concentrate she turns full circle clockwise otherwise she just goes left right left right left right..... maybe I'm a soldier?

leez said...

Dance? She just twirled around and around anti clockwise.

Sweets said...

angel... you said exactly what i couldn't say, thanks :)

charm... mwhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha whack yourself against the head and try again? :)~

leez... she turns and then turns the other way, and so on and so forth... you don't see it? told you... lefty!!!! :)

ozymandiaz said...

She's HOT! I don't think it was either side of my brain that had the first thought. If you know what I mean...
that being said
At first look she turned counter clockwise, next look clockwise. I was then able to change the direction she was turning while watching her turn.
So I have no doubt that I am left brain dominant but I don't believe the disparity is that great.

Kingcover said...

I got her to spin both ways. Firstly I saw her clockwise then I concentrated on her thighs and she spun the other way. Us righties rule. Lefties drool! :-P

Sweets said...

ozzy... mwhahahahahahaha you really need to get some sweety, if only the form of a woman is enough to get you loaded and ready for action... well LOL... just kidding :) in our school system it is quite obvious, for me anyway :)

king... mwwwwwwwwwwhahahahahahaha yes lefties drool and righties rule!!!
love that :)

Arkwife said...

Hehe....I can't make her switch completely at will. I need to close my eyes every time. But I can make her switch. :-)

Lucky for me though, my brain functions somewhere down the middle, and more auditory, so I had it pretty easy at school.

Greg Becerra said...

The whole right brain left brain debate is based on a particular interpretation of scientists observing brain activity. This theory conflicts with the notion that as brain cells die, other brain cells take on the job functions of those that died. My belief is that we tend to use particular parts of the brain for particular activities because that is how we have been trained.

When I initially looked at the twirling image, she turned in a clockwise fashion. But since I knew that I could observe her turning in either direction I patiently watched. I decided to try to focus on various parts of her body, imagining it turning in the opposite manner. I started at the head and worked my way down.

It wasn't until I reached her feet and part of her legs that I was then able to control her direction. The easiest way to change direction is to imagine her turning the opposite way. If she is turning clockwise, the best and most consistent spot she changes direction is when her leg reaches fully left. If she is turning counter-clockwise, the best and most consistent spot she changes direction is when her leg reaches fully right.

In fact I got to a point where I could make her bounce back and forth between left and right continuously changing direction. This is a good example of "scientists" or educated people claiming something to be "true" when there is only a correlation.

For me a much better explanation is that interpretation of this animation depends on previous learned behavior. It has nothing directly to do with your right or left brain-ness. This is the same as people interpreting something they see as say a ghost. Our previous "knowledge" and methods of interpreting empirical data will shade how we perceive something.

I suspect that anybody can learn how to see this animation turn both ways and to control it within about 30 minutes. It took me about 5 minutes to do it only because I knew it could be done and someone, who I have no reason to doubt, said she could do it. So follow my advice above and spend about 10 minutes focused on the animation's feet. Keep in mind that you want her to go the other way and imagine her going the other way. It might take a particular individual longer but eventually everyone should be able to do this.

leez said...

Thats quite a mouthful but being naturally inquisitive i did as he (greg)said and in the end I could manipluate it anyway I wanted. Hmm...

Slyde said...

oh man! when i saw the title of this post, i practically broke my finger trying to get click fast to get here!

kyknoord said...

I prefer the Cha Cha.

pure evyl said...

It turned clockwise for me but I heard something snap in my noggin when I tried to get it to switch directions.

Sweets said...

ark... lucky you :)

GREG... hmmm... you my dear are a PRIME example of the perfect left brain... i think somebody should pickle your brain when you turn your toes up ;)

just one thought... sure anybody can learn to see the dancer change direction... but to me it comes naturally and THAT'S my point :)

leez... greg is some kind of genius honest that guy has too much brains for his own good but i stick to my theory ;)

slyde... sweety you just made my day mwhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha

kyk... i so agree :) do you start with your left foot or your right foot?

evyl... well stop doing it then :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the dancer?????

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