Monday, July 7, 2008

have mercy

that's me
age about 3
i started young
no i didn't actually smoke at that age
my mom caught me playing with my dad's cigarettes
very cute right?
no it's not!
she should have given me a bloody hiding instead of running for the damn camera
that's what i think...


I'm trying so damn hard to quit smoking
i really am
does telling yourself that you have to quit 50 million times a day qualify as trying?
no it doesn't

the will is there
but the flesh is weak
it ain't easy
problem is i don't want to quit
and somehow my head is "right"
that makes no sense
wanting and not wanting at the same time

I've tried Allen Carr
i hate Allen Carr by the way
i just do
the man is delusional
so my next move is cutting down
rocket science i tell you... rocket science
one smoke every two hours
8h00 to 22h00
that's 8 cigarettes a day
i can live with that
just hope my lungs can too :)

24 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Anonymous said...

yep thats gonna be tough!
I'll make you a deal. If you quit I will too.the buddy system
see I always gotcher back!

Good luck!!

damn what am I sayin?
I don't smoke!!
well good luck anyway!

The Jackson Files said...

GOOD LUCK sweets.

As a reformed ex-smoker, I can tell you that there IS life after quitting cigarettes, even though I thought that I would never have fun again.

You know I am a massive Alan Carr fan because it worked for me, but I did the course and it was the best money I ever spent. God bless you Alan Carr, I hope flights of angels pathed your way up to heaven (he died of lung cancer, btw.)

sweets said...

thanks Sage... sigh

jacks: LOL you're kidding right?! mwhahahahahahahahaaaa... oh dear

Ruby said...

erm...wanna borrow some of my selfdiscipline?

sweets said...

no worries... i'm using mine now in order not to reach out and punch you in the nose missy... humpf.... sies skat... 'n bietjie aanmoediging gaan myle ver gaan vandag :(

Jenty said...

LOL, good luck, can't help, I've never smoked :)

Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean!! It really is very hard.

leez said...

Okay, so we're kinda on the same path. I don't want to quit but I'm getting way too much flak from all sides so trying. and soon I won't be able to afford them anymore. I held out until about 11 this morning before I had my first two.

Arkwife said...

Awe Sweets....I too have tried stopping, and then I tried some more, and then I gave up trying.

I do however, smoke a lot less than I used to. I've convinced myself that I don't like standing outside alone, with no company. And seeing as I'm often alone in the office, I end up smoking my first (and sometimes only) ciggie for the day, when I get home at night.

I know it's not stopping, but at least I smoke a lot less. A packet lasts me three to four days.

Good luck doll...I know you can do it :-)

Caz said...

but just think of all the cash you're gonna have soon and all the stuff you can buy with it....
Good luck lady. Smoking is blegh. glad you're quitting.
A bunch of my colleagues smoke and then they come into my office and talk to me and I have to hold my breath coz they PONG. You don't want to be the pongy colleague sweets! YOU CAN DO IT!

sweets said...

jenty: never try either :)

jane: sigh...

leez: good for you... first one at eleven! wow... i'm impressed, that doesn't happen to me... ever! hehe

ark: i also decided that if i can get the smoking less thing going, i'm halfway there :)

sweets said...

caz: oh what a lovely picture you paint caz!!... hehe i know all of that!!! it's still difficult... sigh... like i said... have mercy :)

Tamara said...

Hahaha! Everyone's comments are hilarious. What about Smokenders?

BecauseIcan said...

ITs a tough thing your attempting there..Hang in there though.. its all worth it.. I have never looked back and each year I celebrate the day I was strong enough to quit..its been more than 8 years now.. and I have never been happier!!

P.S. dont bother with the "Breathing for Dummies" book.. Its full of nothing but fresh air.. :-P hahahahahaha

leez said...

My smoking buddy ( one of many) has decided to stop coz her priest told her to. Well... they were told to give up something major and she chose(!!) smoking. apparently she just has one a day. the guilt gets to her.

Charlene said...

i smoke too and have for way too many years~~~i wish you luck in cutting back~~

Charlene said...

i am so loving the whoopdee fucking do button~~i'm stealing it and linking your blog

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Why do parents take pictures of their baby with a cigarette? My parents took one of me in diapers running around with a candy cigarette in my mouth. Not as authentic, but still... it's practically predicting that I'm going to be a smoker.

Lopz said...

What about hypnosis? I hear that works wonders for some.

Kingcover said...

You should try jumping up and down to get yourself out of breath just the same way the ciggies will affect your lungs. Cheaper and good exercise.

*sits back and watches Sweets jumping up and down* ;-)

Miss P said...

I tried to quit several times, and only one occasion I managed for 5 months. The only reason that worked was because I woke up one day and went 'you know what? I really dont WANT to smoke.' Then I started dating a smoker *sigh*
Now I am waiting for that shift in my head again. At the moment I LIKE smoking. I WANT to smoke. I ENJOY every one of them. So until that changes there is no point.

If your heads in it, its easy. If you don't really want it, it wont happen. Do you?

angel said...

oh sweets i can so sympathise... strongs!

ozymandiaz said...

I had quite smoking cigerettes four or five times before the last time I quit. About four years or so ago.
no aids
no patches
no gum
just quit
don't ask how, I don't know
just did
odd thing is, even though I miss it sometimes I can't stand the smell anymnore, its more the act I miss

pure evyl said...

Quitting smoking sucks. Good luck.

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