Wednesday, August 13, 2008

why oh why did i do this?

yes... i did it... i must have been drunk... but i wasn't... sleepy jane did a vlog recently, she's actually done two so far... great balls of fire... good on you girlfriend... you're gutsy as hell :)honestly if i ever had any ideas of becoming a movie star or a TV presenter... well let's just say... i won't be leaving my day job any time soon to venture into that! OK here's shortly what I've learnt about doing a video blog thingy... oy

  • it's probably not a good idea to NOT wear make up if you want to record yourself

  • it's such a stupid idea not to have thought to do something with your hair, like hmmm let me think... make yourself look presentable?

  • it's probably not a good idea to do this recording late at night

  • it's probably not a good idea to do the recording in your flannel pj's...

  • i won't get any awards for taping this cause i suck at it...

  • it's probably not such a good idea to have half my head cut off in the recording
    i was wearing my tiara for the occasion... and well... you can't see it cause half my head is cut off!

this is as good as it's going to get... cause i'm sure as shit not doing this again :)
so without any further ado... here i am... sweets in flannels :)

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BecauseIcan said...


Thats soo frikken awesome.. Nobby says your so dem cute BTW (yes we did an office showandtell with your VLOG today!)...

I dont know if I am brave enough to do one.. but who knows?

BRilliant Brilliant..

Anonymous said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!!!! YOU ARE KICK ASS!! haha! :) Dit was SO cool! :)

Thanks for making me SMILE!

sweets said...

bic... i had an audience??? omg... mwhahahahahahaha... tell nobby thanks... very sweet of him :)~

jane... well it's all your fault hehe hectic stuff i tell you, it looks so easy... i kept on forgetting what i wanted to say!!! mwhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha

Supanova said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Sweets, I'm soooo jealous! wow! So cool! Love the boa and the tiara we cudn't quite see! Hmmm, you may just have inspired me to vlog...hahaha...vlog... I actually read it in Afrikaans first! so it came out as Flogggg! LMAO @ me.... Again, soooo rad! I'm so green rite now! Teeheehee

Asylum_Escapee said...

Ahh damn, i can't see it, it just says buffering and well nothing but a black screen, how damn unfortunate. Sure it must be great though.

sweets said...

nova... vlog baby vlog!!! LOL i couldn't believe it when i looked at it after and saw that my tiara wasn't showing, totally pissed at self ;)

asylum... i can email it to you if you reaaaaaaaaaly want to see it, drop me a mail?

The Jackson Files said...


You are absolutely adorable in it and I especially like the clever use of the mirror so we can see what you look like from behind too!

Great vlog.

Ruby said...

ok, so ek het my gat af gelag...he he;) but it was sweet, and ever so brave girly!!! Not sure if i'm quite there yet, too damn paranoid for the time being;) Loved it!

sweets said...

jacks... i'm moving so i've got random stuff and boxes EVERYWHERE! glad you liked :)

ruby... hoekom is ek nie verbaas dat jy jou gat afgelag het nie?! LOL very brave=understatement :)~

Kingcover said...

HAHA you said a bad word madam! Unless of course it is Afrikaans for "good" or something similar. Yeah that'll be it because you look too mature to be swearing. I would never do such a thing with me being a confirmed angel. Stop it! Stop itttttt!!! I saw you beginning to laugh!

What did you say the body lotion 'Coggold' (that's what I think you said lol) meant in English? I thought you said "Bald head". I burst out laughing. I'm bad. I'm sorry. Don't hate :-P

And when you said you were going to speak some Afrikaans you said you were a Buddapesty??? I need to buy an Afrikaans dictionary for your future Vlogs. Oh don't go into a cardiac arrest - I was only joking - I'll give you a week to get over this one. See I'm good to you.

I loved it when you did your 'weather girl' waving about of arms when rying to find SleepyJane ..... "And over here the high winds are coming in from the east, they will clear very quickly to leave a nice sunny day of 24C behind them"

I do like your accent though and those pjs are very ummmmm fetching. Lol :-)

sweets said...

king... the lotion brand is KAALKOP and it does translate to bald head... hehe... strange right?! buddapesty??? mwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha *falling off chair laughing*
yeah i know i love my flannels, they rock yo! :)~

Kingcover said...

Ok so I guess you are not a Buddapesty then. Did your ass hurt when you fell off the chair? That's what you get when you laugh at me! Bad things happen. I can't help it :-)

Arkwife said...


I think I just popped a vein!! That was awesome Sweets. I would sooooooo not have the guts to do the same.

Sjoe, ek sal regtig my en Ruby se gatte moet gaan soek...hulle is nou altwee weggelag :-)

Well done'll have to do this again!!

Charmskool said...

Awwww crappppp it told me this video is not available - please try again later. Boooohoooo.

Slyde said...

not fair! its not showing up for me either!

i have toyed with the idea of vlogging myself.. i may still try it one of these days...

angel said...

oh i love it i love it!
flannels feathers and a tiara!!!
and yes- i giggled my arse off!!!

Slyde said...

ok, i can see it now.. cool stuff!

M@ said...

I LOVE the accent! You're so cute.

Question: Why don't we Americans have British accents like everyone else in the English-speaking world? Not fair!

M@ said...

Nice to meet the person I chatted w/ while I was recovering from a broken foot this winter.

pure evyl said...

Well done. And I loved the boa.

sweets said...

king... the buddapesty oh man i still giggle at that one!

ark... ok i think you get first prize for laughing the hardest... oy :)

charm... i wonder why that is! well you didn't miss much so don't cry too hard :)~

slyde... yeah! if you want to do it, do it! i would love to see you in action ;)~

tjomma... i seem to have that effect LOL

slyde... well hop to it, i'm waiting for yours!!!

m@... hehe i have a brittish accent?!... no i don't! LOL your accent is cool so don't worry :)

evyl... thanks hun :)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

funniest shit ever.


i love how you're scrambling around to get the camera set up and there's swearing and muttering.


might do this....we'll see.

leez said...

If ever I decide to reveal myself (hehe) to the blogosphere hen I think I may do one.

Its great. And now I know what my fav MILF looks like. :)

Glugster said...

Hahahahaha. Genade!

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