Thursday, August 14, 2008

party favours :)

so you all laughed your asses of at me yesterday?! ha! it was such a weird thing for me to do, if you told me a year ago i would put a 3 minute vlog of myself on the net i would have laughed my ass off at you! and i know it's arse... not ass... but i love to say ass and not arse... arse sounds so stuck up you have to admit... so thanks for all your hilarious comments... i giggled like a school girl with each one :)

i love to laugh... i really do... and I've grown up in a household where a little joke every two minutes was kind of expected... so i got with the program... so my question to you today is... what stuff can you do that makes other's laugh other than the jokes i mean, stuff you do with your face or your body that is just so freaky people just have to laugh...

i have this wacky thing i do with my lip... if my teeth are dry... i know such a random odd thing... everybody gets a dry tooth every now and again hehe... i pull my top lip to the inside... and then i basically have no top lip... this totally freaks my kids out... and i just laugh my ass of every time i do this... i always do it in a very serious conversation too... they kind of don't appreciate it for some reason... mwhahahahahahahha

jay has a special talent too... he can flip his eyelids.... so gross!!! but so funny... kay's talent is that he can twist his tongue... really difficult... it provides endless hours of laughter because i just can't flippen well get mine to twist! oh and i can move my ears... and i can almost touch my nose with my tongue... and you see that picture with the woman with the really big lips? i can do that too!!! LOL you flip your bottom lip out and you stick out your tongue and kind of twist it up... so much fun to try to kiss an unsuspecting person with those lips..... *shriek! run for the hills!*

at Christmas time... when my whole family is sitting around the table... we sometimes do our tricks... it's such a special day after all :)
so what's your poison??

14 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Anonymous said...

AWWW! I don't think I can do anything.

If I straighten my fingers my "wysvinger" bends a little upward. It's freaky.


Sweets said...

i tried that and i can't do it dammit! yes freaky jane real freaky... hehe

kyknoord said...

My boss has a good trick: he can stick his head up his ass.

Kingcover said...

That thing with bottom lip and tongue - in high school we called that The Barry Manilow Lips. Yes it has a name. Bite me! :-P
I can roll my tongue and play my trumpet. Um no wait that wasn't supposed sound like it did! *hides behind couch*
And yes I much prefer saying "ass" not "arse". Arse is just not naughty enough, lol.

Kingcover said...

p.s. Buddapestyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


Sweets said...

kyk... have you tried it yourself? he sounds like a very talented... erm... boss :)~

king... i have barry manilow lips... have mercy!!! yeah the trumpet bit kind of .... oh well whatever :)

king... buddapestyyyyyyyyyy baby!

Ruby said...

hmmm.....i can twist my tongue too, and i can twist it in both directions, and apparently if you can twist it both ways....dan vry jy baie;) I can also do the hand thing where my fingers go upwards when i straighten my fingers...but all my fingers do that...maybe i'll take a picture of that and post it......then i have those other things i do....but i won't share them here)

Kingcover said...


Lol I should make a poem with that for you. Haha.

Slyde said...

ahhh! i hate people who can flip their eyelids! its so freaky!

The Jackson Files said...

I can't do anything fun like that. I fall over if I drink too much, does that count?

AngelConradie said...

hhmmm... i can twist my tongue, and i used to be able to put my feet behind my head. i can still get one behind my head at a time- but i can't keep them there anymore...
and i can speak backwards (phonetically).

Michelle Hix said...

OMG! In college, my best friend, who is really cute, used to do the same thing with her top lip...first she'd dry off the teeth and then push up the lip above the teeth so that there was no lip but just her HUGE teeth showing. Then she'd pick out the cutest guys in the room and walk right up to them at the bar and start a conversation. I would sit back and laugh and laugh. Oh how I miss that.

eyes_only4him said...

that eyelid thing has always kinda creeped me out;)

Sweets said...

ruby... now THAT is impressive, you can twist it both ways??? nooit! hehe lekker vry verseker :)~

king... LOL i can't stop myself... buddapestyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

slyde... i know, totally freaky!

jacks... definitely... impressive jacks, very impressive hehe

angel... your foot behind your back? what?! does glugs now this??? hehehe

michelle... hehe i'm so glad there's others that enjoy my particular brand of freak show too :)

flip... i just keep thinking... this can't be good for you eye... oy i'm such a mother :)

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