Thursday, August 21, 2008

the age of arrogance

nobody will know what i mean to say with this post... i find myself vulnerable so I'll rather keep this secret to myself... i never expected to feel like this again and find myself disillusioned and disappointed... dejavu?

you know that saying "actions speaks louder than words..." such a true thing that... what i find so interesting is the fact that certain people place themselves superior to others in many ways~ but their actions screams out their lack of integrity and their total arrogance...

whatever happened to chivalry?

when did it die and who let it?

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Ruby said...

oh sweets...*eyes welling up with tears*

Even though i have no idea what caused you to post this, i share your feeling...aint that weird?? Lots and lots of hugs coming your way sweety pie!

BecauseIcan said...


Angel is apparently a crack shot.. just give her a call.. and she will make your problem disappear.. whatever it may be..

angel said...

oh four five six sweets...
gimme a name and a number and lemme kick some arse!!!

sweets said...

thanks you guys... :)

kyknoord said...

Recipe for disappointment:
Just add expectations and wait.

The Jackson Files said...

Chick...sounds hectic. I'm sorry. Hope you feel better soon.

sleepyjane said...

I'm sorry! Many hugs your way.

ozymandiaz said...

chivalry is well alive
and not just opening doors and pulling out chairs
True chivalry
where people use their actions to display how they care

sweets said...

kyk... so true, yes that's it :)

jacks... i probably made it sound worse than it actually is hehe

jane... fanks pops :)

ozy... i guess, i just don't see much of it around anymore... you have to admit!!

Donnnnn said...

M'Lady chivalry is NOT dead and many of us still make an effort to act as gentlemen.
Part of the problem has been the fuzzy boundaries left in the wake of the Women's Liberation and further compounded by the pervasiveness of the ridiculous and sinister Political Correctness Movement.

Problem A;
Just because the sexes are to be treated equally this should not have meant that men should start treating women as poorly as they treat other men!

Problem B;
The few women on the planet who DO want to be treated like men are ruining it for everyone else.

After 50 years on the planet I know that Women make much better Human Beings (not news to anyone here) therefore in so many parts of the world we need to re-educate our Lads to emulate female social skills instead of idolizing saber rattling ideologues who want to reduce the planet to cinders!

sweets said...

donn that was perfect, i especially like your last paragraph :)

well said!!

Arkwife said...

Sweets!! *sniff*...Don't be sad. Tell me who's @ss to kick, and I will.

Being vulnerable doesn't mean you should be taken advantage of.

Miss Caught Up said...

I agree with you there. That's why I never over compensate at work anymore LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope to see your entry!

M@ said...


Bite me! :)

pure evyl said...

It's not dead. It's just on vacation.

Kingcover said...

Just point me in the general direction of the nearest firearm store and I'll finish the job off for you ;-)

p.s. was it Angel whom annoyed you???
p.p.s. was it ME whom annoyed you???
p.p.p.s. what does this little trigger thingy do on this gu..... BANG!!!
p.p.p.p.s. wow, there really IS a 'white light at the end of the tunnel'!!!


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