Wednesday, August 6, 2008

bucket list

have you seen the movie The bucket list? it's an excellent movie... really loved it... cried like a baby... but who wouldn't right?... anyway! onto my own bucket list...
i think everyone should have a list like this... so if you don't have one, make one today, or start making one, i think it's a work in progress... one thing that I've always wanted to do before i push up daisies was to bungee jump, and hell yes i did that, and even if it was the worst experience of my life, I'm still glad i did it, it's a goal that i set myself, not a very difficult one, i know, but for me, because of whatever, that was one of my goals... and there you go... i did it, so here is the rest of my bucket list...if you haven't seen the movie... it's a list of things you want to do before you kick the proverbial bucket ;)

in no particular order!

  • go to Wimbledon.
  • visit the Greek Isles then proceed to...

  • shag a sexy Greek dude on one of those fishing boats.. :)

  • stand on top of a pyramid

  • run a half marathon

  • learn to pole dance

  • ride a stallion on a beach, a real horse you perverts...

  • go on a road trip all by myself

  • see both my boys graduate from university... (sigh the mother in me so want this so badly, in my dreams Kay is the rocket scientist and Jay is the doctor *sigh*)

  • hike up Table mountain, i know i should probably aim higher right? Kilimanjaro?

  • learn to belly dance

  • ride an ostrich

  • swim with dolphins

  • do something with photography

  • become a goldsmith

  • go on a hiking trip down the SA and Namibian coastline from Richardsbay to Swakopmund, hike during the day and sleep on the beach at night, this would be amazing but not very possible I'm afraid.

  • New Orleans and the Mardi Gras
  • visit the Taj Mahal
  • do a tandem parachute jump

  • visit as many overseas countries as possible, i love travelling.

hmmm, compared to other people my list is probably a little lame right, well it's my list and that is what i wanna do~ so there ;)

15 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Charmskool said...

Good list - I enjoyed it. I reckon mine is even more prosaic because I've already done all the dangerous stuff I ever plan on doing.

Tamara said...

Fab list ;-) I did the whole bridge-swing (bungee jumping forwards, basically) about two years ago, and I'm so glad it's over with and I don't ever have to do it again! It was fun, though. In a whoo-hoo-what-an-adrenaline-rush-but-let's-not-do-that-again kind of way.

sweets said...

charm... did i have alot of dangerous stuff on my list? hmmmm... that's not the point tho... ok back to the drawing board :)

tam... i'm such a copout... i have a tshirt that says "adrenaline addict"... i'm such a liar! hehe i HATED the bungee, it was the scariest thing i've ever done, i thought i was going to die!

The Divine Miss M said...

Check that out as it is sort of something similar :)

I'm contimplating setting up a list!

angel said...

i think its an awesome list!
i'm going to do one too... !!!

Asylum_Escapee said...

I like how you find these funky but apt pictures, good on you. As for the bucket list, good list but what we want out of life is always changing, will we get satisfaction out of doing the things on a list or because we like to see things through (sense of accomplishment), will we get more satisfaction out of saying that the list is complete, all boxes ticked. Hey whatever tickles ones fancy, just as long as whatever a person does, they smiling along the way, i thinks that would be the greatest accomplishment: Being Happy, but my fear is that we have comlplicated matters sop much that we don't actually know what that is, i dont speak for all here, but it's like we searching for happiness, how do you search for a state of mind? I don't even know what i'm rambling on about, now, I've completely lost the plot. Have a great day!

ozymandiaz said...

Write a book that someone else would not only read, but enjoy.

Kingcover said...

I really want to know how you persuade an ostrich to stand still long enough for you to climb on its back. I don't mean that it takes you a long time to start climbing I just mean that ostriches never stand still for more than a few seconds. One thing I wouldn't do though for sure is to ride the ostrich into the water to meet the dolphins! "Fast food dinner is served!"

AfroSLiQ Diva said...

That is darn good bucket list.... I can just imagine you embarrassing J&K on their grad day with you loudly screaming: "those are my babies right there, I love you Kay & Jay.... (tuck in your shirts)Oops. aah, don't they just look adorable?)

Anonymous said...

Why would you wanna bang a geek anywhere?

good list!
Not much would be on mine thats on yours but a good list all the same.
all of mine would start with

I saw the movie too, cried like a baby, threw up in the theater!


Slyde said...

you haven't lived until you shag a sexy Greek dude on one of those fishing boats...

wait, did i just say that out loud?

M@ said...

Yeah? Really? Your tennis game is looking THAT sharp!?

Denguy said...

Interesting, you want to ride a stallion, an ostrich and a Greek dude--make sure to wear chaps.

pure evyl said...

I've got a kayak and enjoy eating Gyro Sandwiches. Close enough? ;)

Arkwife said...

I don't think your list was lame at all Sweets....and I think I'll have to follow suit and do one of my own.

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