Friday, August 15, 2008

wacky friday fun :)

I think I should buy Angel and Glugs a bed like this :)

how is this for a fashion statement?!

this is actually quite a cool gadget!


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The Jackson Files said...

I LOVE that camera thingy, but you can keep that belt!

Have a great weekend, sweets.

Anonymous said...

I also love the camera thing!! :) I could seriously use that.

Kingcover said...

Are you getting any ideas with that coffin? I I I I mean not just yet of course! *I develop a stutter when I get nervous. Lol*


sweets said...

jacks... thanks hun! that belt also scared me...

jane... i don't know why they aren't sold EVERYWHERE! the guy had the brilliant idea but that is where it stayed, stupid he could have been a zillionaire :)

king...mwhahahahahaha that was funny... buddapestyyyyyyyyyyyy baby! you know of course everybody who reads this comment will have no clue what we're going on about??!!

now they're really confused ;)

angel said...


i want one of those camera holder thingies!!!

Kingcover said...

We've developed a secret language ;-)
I foresee it being the next major thing for fans to shout out during rugby games! The TV cameras will go on them, they will stand up and in unison they will shout out "Budda Budda Buddapestyyyyyyyyyy"


Asylum^Escapee said...

Have a wonderful weekend Sweets!

Glugster said...

Just make sure the bed is re-inforced. k?

Anonymous said...

I need that cam thing!!!
man I could take me some HNT's then!!!

I need a coffin like that too, the male version, because I will be buried erect!

have a groovy weekend!

pure evyl said...

Loved the casket. Have a great weekend.

Donnnnn said...

I could have used that camera thingamabob on my trip to the Rockies! Brilliant.

That bed might be prone to lift off at a critical moment?
The Pam Anderson Casket and the showoff your waist size belt would only be worn by..well..showoffs.

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