Tuesday, November 20, 2007

guten morgen!

have you noticed that you don't notice someones blog header that you visit regularly... well lemme tell you...people don't.... i've changed my header just for the heck of it for a bit... instead of "divorced with a sweet ass" i changed it to "sweet with a divorced ass" and nobody noticed...why i find this so fascinating i can't tell...my brain chemical balance requires such loony trivial info every now and again to set it's balance of something...i dunno... i just obey the voice in my head... mwhahahah... now i got your attention....!!!

i attended the most delicious dinner party on saturday night... at the house of my best friends' sister in law - they're german... properly so...speaking the german language whenever they have a chance... and of course to me and my friend... the only non-german or un-german...?.... people there...after 2 hours in the hot-tub with g&t's and red wine handed to us by the friendly german folk...we found their accent firstly hilariously funny and with the aid of the wine i'm sure, understood more than we ought to, and we had to try it... ich libbe tante pee... the delightful lady to my left at the dinner table found this piece of endearing love i sent her way quite amusing... i love germans...whey are so wunny.... they know how to party and to sing and to be jolly... my kind of people i tell you... and the food...don't get me started...after last year giving the octoberfest a skip...too many jagermeisters...oy...i was so inspired by them this weekend that i am sure to visit their fest again next year...weiss beer... pretzels.... and strapping blond guys parading their stuff in tight german play suits...good times!!!
auf wiedersehen!!!

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Szarek(Will) said...

Germans are cool...And I agree their accent is hysterical

Glugster said...

I actually did notice your new header. Just never commented. I prefer the sweet ass.

Once you get a German to take off his tie, it's party time!!!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Meh, you obviously have met the only cool Germans out there. My experience with them as been none too pleasant.

However the language and their accent is hysterical, I still can't hear German without giggling uncontrollably!

lordwiggly said...

Wie gehts dir mein schatzi?! German women are the mmmbest!

And German porn is hilarious too - does anyone know what "Schlosting, baby!" means? (Schnel baby schnel, das ist gut ja!)

Nosjunkie said...

I only read the blog header the first time I go to a blog.
Unles you change the color or something drastic I just click right past it

sweetass RSA said...

i lowe da germans, whey are wonderful!! prost!!

LW: scholsting must be slang, can't find it anywhere! i can just imagine what it means, oy... come on... tell me!?!! schnel wiggles schnel, das is gut ja!!

angel said...

oh my god wiggly, i love german porn!!! its hysterical- there's no other way to watch it!!!

and i have a few german friends- online and in the "real" world and i find them immensely entertaining!!!

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