Friday, November 2, 2007

delayed halloween

i know halloween was on the 31st...but i found this cartoon yesterday...funny stuff...!
hope you have a delectably delicious weekend y'all!!!

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Glugster said...

"delectably delicious"

It's so much fun saying it, I'll say it again!

"delectably delicious"

yummy!!!! :-)

Sweetass RSA said...

glug: it's like saying sweet ass...grrr...just wanna do it again...hehe...have yourself a totally yummy delectably delicious weekend sweetie!

Glugster said...

Ya, while delectably delicious is fun to say, sweet ass just rolls of the tongue!!! LOL

You and Angel better behave tommorrow night! If you don't, please take pictures!

The Divine Miss M said...

Delectable is one of the best words ever! I love it. Delectable, delicious, divine ... they all just roll off the tongue :)

Hope you have a delectable delicious weekend too!

angel said...

"delectable" is one of my favourite words too!!!
i love this cartoon btw!

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