Friday, February 29, 2008

running scared

sars was so sweet, they sent me an sms first thing this morning to remind me to write down the kilometers on my car, end of the tax year and all that... kind of creepy though... they've literally got my number!! oh yeah and it's the 29th of Feb today... leap year and all!! do whatever you're supposed to do on this wacky day... what that is i have no clue ;)

anyway onto more serious stuff...

I have two boys as you know.

Wonderful funny guys whom I love to bits.

I would literally die for them.

Now although their father also loves them dearly, ok probably more than just “dearly” but if I had to measure his love and my love for our kids I would kick his ass … here’s the thing… I have had this nagging, silent, ignored fear that one rainy day my boys will ask me if it’s ok for them to go live with their dad.

Fuck I will really die if that should ever happen. Cause it does happen, when the hormones roll in, the not-so-strict weekend dad looks real inviting. And the thing is you think you know your kids, I mean I really do think I know them better then they know themselves, but I’ve heard of single mom’s “losing” their kids, and becoming weekend moms, if that.

So here I am confessing one of my biggest fears. I know I’m going to “lose” them anyway to adulthood, Kay in about 6 to 8 years and Jay 10-12 years, leaving my little nest, cool~ I can deal with that ...

~but to dump me for their Dad??

Good gracious I’ll have a royal fit if that ever happens. Cause that’s what sucks about being divorced, I’m the one who has to be the bad cop pretty much all of the time...

eat your veggies!!

brush your teeth!!

do your homework!!

go to sleep!!

etc etc etc…

and daddy… he picks them up and for that 48 hours they do just about anything they want to do, they come home after a weekend without having bathed, brushed their teeth or even clean underwear on, I shit you not.

Luckily our family law is quite strict, not easily will the court give full custody to the dad, and if so gross misconduct must be proven against the mom or she has to give up custody voluntarily.
So I just hope they play nice with mommy and don’t spring that shit on me one day soon, I really don’t know what I would do.

hope your weekend rock!!

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Bridget said...

Really working yourself up to a tizz aintcha?

Relax hun, that is a long way off, and if they do, chain them to a chair and make them watch their birth video. They won't be so cocky and wishing to live with dad then.

Glugster said...

My advice. If they want to move in with him, let them. They'll be back within the week. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

do you SA people really brush your teeth and change your drawers more than ever 48 hrs????????????
wierd I tell ya!

Michelle Hix said...

Glugs is right

I've known this to happen. The boys come back when they start wanting fresh food, water and clean dishes.

Still sucks to think about it though.

angel said...

oh sweets... this is when living in a sitcom would be perfect! moving in with dad would be a disaster because they'd never get fed or have clean clothes and they'd be back at your place before the end of the episode- 20 minutes at most!

strongs girl...

The Mum said...

I'm a single Mom and my little boy is only 15 months old, and I worry about this stuff all the time.

sweets said...

angel: maybe after they've watched the video they WOULD like to live with him! LOL i know i worry too much... i should go and buy some rope today ;)

glug: hey stranger!! i wonder sometimes, but that is good ASSvice anyway ;)

sage: haha... very funny, i would like my sons to have their own teeth still when they're 30 ya know!

angel: you have faith in me... thanks doll... let's just hope it works that way!

mum: welcome! i can safely say you have another 10 years before you have to worry about that, but i know there is so much we worry about, its scary!

Anonymous said...

Firstly. SARS scares me too. Hence the reason I worked till 11 pm last night lol

Then. I don't know if you know this but I think about divorce all the time. Seriously. I am seriously thinking that that is the ONLY step I can take. BUT that scares me. Losing my kids. I can't even think of it and I get anxious

Simply Curious said...

I did it. I thought that going to live with my Dad would be like all those really cool weekends of making really cheesy nachos, and staying up until 2am watching movies. I thought I'd be able to have whatever I wanted for breakfast, and that I always get to pick out a giant candy bar at the cheoutstand at the grocery store. I'm telling really *was* like that for a minute, too. When I say a minute, I mean probably all of 5 days before reality set in. I stayed there for all of a month, and them I just wanted my mommy. Don't worry, Sweets. You're a good Mommy, and your boys know it.

Bridget said...

I'm Bridget.

sweets said...

supermom: you worked till 11... holy moly woman! i did send you that email about the rest of your comment... strongs XXX

sc: you rock, thanks for that!

bridget: hmmmmmm ok... or we could just call you birdshit... i still love doing that even though you hate me saying it...hehe

Bridget said...

I meant in response to my first comment you called me Angel.

"angel: maybe after they've watched the video they WOULD like to live with him! LOL i know i worry too much... i should go and buy some rope today ;)"

sweets said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....i'm sorry, how the hell did that happen??... big mistake...sorry doll ;)

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