Thursday, February 7, 2008

50 things about me...

50 things about me… Expensive mistakes tagged me...

Good luck reading this!

  1. I’m grossly impatient, not a good characteristic I know but it gets the job done, that’s about the only good thing about it.
  2. I love my hobbies, crafty things, but I haven’t done anything in about 2 years.
  3. I don’t like to cuddle, except with my kids, I think I should talk to my shrink about this. I'm not a pedophile or a child molester so don't worry.
  4. I don’t go to my shrink anymore, I went for about 6 sessions, my sister insisted, and I have to admit it did wonders for me, but I was impatient, didn’t like the waiting and working through issues, so the last time I just told her: I think I’m healed… halleluja it’s a miracle!
  5. I have green fingers, not literally har har… but haven’t planted anything in years.
  6. There is a pattern here…I need to start gardening and making crafty things.
  7. I love nurseries, all those plants… I love buying plants almost as much as I like…
  8. stationary… pens, pencils, notebooks… I love buying stationary almost as much as I like…
  9. sex… yes face it if you don’t like sex, you’re doing something wrong.
  10. I work because I have to not because I want to. This is not good; I need to change my attitude.
  11. I am by nature not a goal oriented person but recently I have changed... and for some reason I don’t like change. That just doesn't make any sense now does it?
  12. I am a rehabilitated nail biter.
  13. I am addicted to coffee and cigarettes.
  14. I don’t like alcohol much, I go through phases, I recently ended my G&T phase, I’m quite sad about that but maybe I drank too much of the stuff. Before that it was spritzers, a mix between white wine and sprite. I tried red wine but I don’t like it much, maybe I should buy wine that costs more than R30 a bottle, apparently that helps.
  15. I don’t cook. I prepare food but I don’t cook, there is a difference. I hate even having a kitchen in my house, if I wasn’t responsible for the well being of two short people I would never ever cook.
  16. Having said that I I love watching cooking channels.
  17. I am an insomniac.
  18. Eating bananas makes me sleepy; I think I should donate my body to science when I die.
  19. Guess what I do in the middle of night when I can’t sleep? I eat a banana.
  20. I hate cell phones. I know they're handy but the person who developed them shouldn’t be proud of himself.
  21. I am a right brainer. This basically means that I struggle to learn things left brainers fly through. I wish somebody told me this when I was at school it would have saved me many moments of feeling like the dumbest kid in my class.
  22. I hate cleaning up my email inbox.
  23. The fact that blogger's spell checker doesn't work is driving me barking mad.
  24. I have bunions, yikes eh? They developed at a very young age, so I’ve never really wore high heels much so you barely notice them now.
  25. I love panties. I have a huge drawer full of them. If I go shopping and I see a beautiful panty, I have to buy it.
  26. I don’t think UFO’s exist, really that’s just dumb.
  27. There is a reason why I don’t get DSTV (cable tv?). I would never move away from the TV. I get addicted to TV so I don’t even tempt myself.
  28. I haven’t pampered myself in a long long time; I do my own facials, pedicures and manicures. The only thing I have done is my hair and my eyebrows.
  29. I started sprouting grey hair when I was 21, very unfair.
  30. I’ve only broken one bone in my body, my ankle bone… it’s connected to my leg bone, my leg bone’s connected to my knee bone… I love that song, why? I really don’t know.
  31. I love music but can never remember artist’s names or song names.
  32. Dancing? Can’t dance but love to dance anyway.
  33. One of the most difficult things of all time for me is to save money, I intend to go on a mommy~and~two~boys Christmas holiday and plan to save as much as I can. I actually saved some money in January.
  34. I don’t like ice cream, except Danish chocolate ice cream.
  35. You will be able to get anything out of me if you give me a packet of Simba Salt and Vinegar chips. Sinful.
  36. Did I mention that I like Simba Salt and Vinegar chips, I really do.
  37. I also like cocktail pickles, the small potent kind.
  38. As soon as I get a raise in March I plan get myself a cleaning lady, but maybe I shouldn’t count my chickens yet.
  39. I love cheap sunglasses. I have the coolest pair at the moment.
  40. Silver jewelry is what I wear, I love rings and bangles.
  41. When the phone rings at home, I have to answer it, like when someone is at the door. I am too curious to not answer, how do people just leave a phone ringing or the doorbell... how do people do that?
  42. I buy myself a diary every year but never use it; I like the idea of having a diary.
  43. I am a big spender. I have consolidated all my debt and am now debt free, except of course for the loan at the bank. I am surprising myself; I haven’t made new debt in 6 months.
  44. I see my parents basically every day. I love them dearly and can’t even bear the thought that something is going to happen to them some day.
  45. I know when I’m really really really sick; all I want then is my Mom. I am such a baby.
  46. I’m not a girly girl, I should try harder but I just don’t. If I could wear jeans and t-shirts every single day of my life I would be in heaven. I put on make up in the morning and for the rest of the day I don't look at a mirror again.
  47. I am a glass~half~full type of person. Negative people gives me the heebeejeebees.
  48. Lions scare me.
  49. I love toilet paper with pretty pictures on. Such a waste of a pretty picture but hey that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
  50. I’ve always wanted a horse of my own; I should really make a plan.

dang... i did it!!!

i now have to tag somebody...hmmm... who to pick...?? i would love to pick Kyk but he just won't do it... so i think i'll tag... Birdget...i mean Bridget and.... Elise... come on girl friends, it's actually quite fun.... and Kyk get with the program dude you are way too secretive!

20 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Bridget said...

Forget it bitch! I don't play like this!

F.O.R.G.E.T I.T and you can't make me!!

sweets said...

birdshit!!! chickenshit!!!! ..... pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee birdshit do this for me! i chose you bitch because i thought your list would be hugely entertaining! ok so flattering you aint working...

Bridget said...


I squeezed a morsel of a compliment. I rock!

Some bitches just fall for these things!

ps: you really shouldn't have posted that Cyanide post, I'm having a field day with it! La!

OK, shhhh, reading your post now.

Bridget said...



Cafty things? Heeee heee hee! You're a crafty one yourself.

Sex: I thought you was single? Where is you getting it? You cannot be some fool's booty call surely!

Yes cheap wine is for winos.

If you used FIREFOX like all the people who do not want to continue contributing to Bill Gate's OBSCENE wealth, you would in build spell checker.

Toilet paper: Dontcha fee sowwy for the little pictures when they have to do their job?

sweets said...

reply to the bitch who left the comment... i just love to say's like fuck... fucking bitch... that's even better...wmahhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahah

crafty: i'm not sneaky... just crafty...!

sex: desperate times haha!

vinos for winos... i know! I KNEW you were going to say something about the vino... i'm still waiting for the christmas basket you promised me... i think there was some good vino in there??

toilet paper: crazy bitch...

Glugster said...

No more of my good wine for you! You obviously don't appreciate it!!!

Wenchy said...


me too.

sweets said...

glugs!!! what a surprise and good to have you back! i know i know~ guilty as charged! ;(

wenchy: eat bananas!!

Nosjunkie said...

OMG this is the second comment I have seen from gluggs today....

screw firefox just get Lee... I am such a bad speller I dont even notice the typos
were there any?

Elise said...

I do the diary thing too!

I might have to save this one... I don't think I can do it yet. I have to think about interesting things about myself. Thats so damn hard!

You sound a little like me. Curiousity killed the cat you know. Oh what the hell open the door!


Natalie said...

So interesting! Feels like I know you so much more! Love these!

Anonymous said...

great answers
i think the fone answering thing comes standard issue with a vagina.

kyknoord said...

It looks like you know me too well already :)

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

the thing now have to tag all the people who commented on your list. and they HAVE to do it. (you know, chain letter style - if you dont do it you will get struck by lightning at midnight or choke on a dead frog kinda thing)...

that means that even kyknoord has to do it...

come on boys and girls, i wanna see how far we can spread this!

when you've done it, leave me a comment too, so i can read your list.

i have nothing to do all day - so entertain the poor stay-at-home-lonely-mommy pleeeeeeeeease...

sweets said...

lee: don't worry doll face, you are what you are, if you changed it just wouldn't be the same x

elise: i know you're going through a hard time so don't worry babe, whenever... and don't try to think about this too much, half of the fun for me was just doing it and to see what i wrote!

nat: aint it just! i love these too, especially these kinds of lists are very interesting, like you said you get a glimpse into the person that you wouldn't normally have.

sage: yeah i know... maybe i should have it sown up... or maybe it just is what it is right?

kyk: i do...?? i don't think so ;-)

sweets said...

dear stay at home mommy...

i forked it up...LOL... rules are there to be broken and what's a mind if you can't change it right... ok ok i'll dutifully tag everybody!!

go play with the Kid, I think he likes you ;)

angel said...

fork... everyone gets comments from my boyfriend 'cept me!!!

sweets- this was an absolute scream- i giggled all the way through it!
and no worries about the wine, glugs has some luvverly new white wines in his collection!!!
ooh- and i found a new horse riding farm right around the corner from glugs so we can go SOON!!! i'll mail you the details!!
and i just love that you buy a diary for the sake of having one...

Spear said...

Hi Sweets

Miss you, hated not posting for so long, but have to go. I did one last post on my blog

M@ said...

I just heard the best line on this medical drama I'm watching.

Doctor: Um, I need you to relax your anus.

Anonymous said...

for the love of god woman. Don't even joke of such things!!!!!
Your vagina is great, wonderful, super duper, groovy, stupendous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Keep it just like it is!

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