Wednesday, February 20, 2008

enough already

ok before i jump into my more serious post i thought i would put up my revised list of things i simply cannot live without ...
  • kids, family (good save eh? put them together like that)
  • penis, really good point Matt, just a little bit weird listing my need for a penis together with my kids on the same list, but important? hell yes
  • toilet paper, tampons and moisturizer (haha, yeah tampons are actually more important than TP, believe me) and don't forget the toothbrush
  • health and running shoes
  • food, friends and laughter

remember i wasn't planning to enter survivor, it was just a sort of wishy washy list that ~ i don't know... seemed relevant at the time.... mwhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha... obviously not :)

another thing... i got a sms from Sheebee last night... she told me to tell you all that she's fine, she said she's distracted at the moment.... i hope for her sake it's something on my list... wink wink... that's distracting her... i worry about her too much... sheebee return to blogland soon please, we all miss you!!


ok, beware i have a severe case of pms brewing... and this is what happens when i get pms:

i'm so fed up with two total opposite sides of our country... the one side is the bloody criminals and the other side the fleeing frenzy of south africans leaving. i'm actually not fed up, that is such a light word for what i'm feeling, i'm really pissed off at both sides.

let me tackle the fleeing follies first... i get why you want to leave, that's not my problem but if i look at one more newspaper or watch one more television documentary on the amount of people or rather, excuse me, professionals leaving this country i think i will spit at the nearest object... i get it, you don't like it here, you don't feel safe, etc etc etc ad infinitum... so go... really... don't talk about it anymore, just fucking leave please and leave the rest of us who still want to be here. go... what are you waiting for? go... voertsek... go see if the grass is beautifully manicured and heavenly green over the sea... really i bid thee a loving farewell, just go. i'm am sick to my stomach of all the negativity.

for me there is no option, i'm stuck here, i want to be here, my family is here, my parents, everything i know and love is nestled in this world i call home. in another 15 years my brother can sponsor me to go to the US, will I go, i sure as shit hope it won't be necessary.

that brings me to the other side of the coin. the generation of killers. the rapists that rape old woman and kill and shoot innocent children. make no mistake, i'm not preaching about racism here, please don't throw that insult my way. i'm talking about the everyday occurence of reality we live with in this country. i've decided to get myself a gun license and then obviously a gun, and i'm going to wear that sucker on my person 24/7... all butch like, but if that what is necessary, hey i'm first in line. and i'll be ready, if a fucking animal breaks into my house, thinking he's going to rape and kill me and my kids, well sucker, be warned i'm going to splatter your brains all across one of my walls. i hope and pray that will never be necessary, believe me.

i'm committed to a better south africa.

i believe we live in one of the greatest most beautiful countries in the world.

i want my boys to love this country the way i do.

i am not able to give up the essence that is africa, that which means everything to me.

if i have to die in the godforsaken country, so be it, i will laugh at the fucking asshole who plants an axe in my back. he'll have to hide though, cause i'll haunt him forever and a day ... and then some.

18 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Bro_ken said...
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Bridget said...

I suppose it is inevitable that one will have to rant and rave on their blog once in a while Sweets. I liked your rave .. you make some valid points, albeit more heatedly than I would have liked (felt like you were shouting at me while I was reading).

However, you take the steam out of the whole thing by saying "you will laugh at the a**hole who plants an axe in your back".

sweets said...
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sweets said...

hey bridge... i was a bit angry, it shows eh? hehe... yeah gotta love that axe bit ;)

Bro_ken said...


Thanks for the welcome :)

I read the rest of your post, I have no comment, I rather keep things light :) there's so many people writing about it at the moment, and I am neutral, if people want to leave I don't mind, if people want to stay and carry on here I don't mind :) whatever makes each individual happy, although as you mentioned with the many professionals leaving it is worrying as there is a skills shortage in alot of sectors which leads to things breaking down a bit or not functioing properly, I wish school education was free, it really isn't right that people must pay for something that builds the backbone of a country and will allow for a better future - if more people are educated, also resulting in more employment maybe less crime..... I think a school education is a fundamental right and too many children which are our future do not receive it at all or if they do the conditions are unacceptable. Now if you elect me for president I'll sort it all out, free too! omg I wish I could be president because I'd really focus on sorting out problems and actually helping the majority of South Africans and I wouldn't expect a salary.

Have a good day :)

sweets said...

bro_ken for president!!

tell trevor manual to make cigarettes cheaper and you'll have my vote! ;)

Glugster said...

I agree with everything you said.

The Divine Miss M said...

Very well said Sweets. I just want to make it clear that I am not living in London to "escape" from SA. I would have moved here regardless of the state of SA, the move is more to experience the world and other countries. I have full intention of moving over to Canada and living there for a bit and even am sometimes tempted to move to Bahrain make a shit load of dollars and travel for a year!

I love SA more than any other country and it will always be my home but at the moment I am loving exploring everywhere else.

I hate London and if it wasn't for my job I wouldn't be here.

sweets said...

glug: good, i agree with me too ;)

miss m: don't get me wrong, young people should go see and experience the world, no problem there, i'm talking about the absolute constant negativity here in SA, it just doesn't stop, i'm am so tired of it, that's all ;)

Anonymous said...

sweets I agree with your rant hunny but if this is the prelude to pms I shudder to think what the full on bitchfit is like

Anonymous said...

Lol@ bitchfit

I will submit that on your list your will be far better suited with Cock or Dick than you will penis.

You packing?
now that shit is sexy right there!

sweets said...

lee: i know hun you even made me laugh at myself :)

sage: penis/cock/dick... a peeno is a peeno... any name will do :)

i'm NOT packing dude... that's the whole point, how sexy is THAT eh? wink wink :)

Faerie said...

aww man you made me cry.

While it may seem safer or greener or whatever the fuck over here.... I understand not wanting to have to go...

As for your country... the pics Ive seen of Angels are BEAUTIFUL. I would go there in a heartbeat if I ever won the lotto or fell into hella change... but.. Im poor ... even here. I flip through angels pix... and see the glory of the uninhibited.

lets hug it out girl!!

Faerie said...

Oh about the list and Survivor, there are waayyyy too many things I need just to survive a day. I mean lets start with my pillow, then there is toorhbrushes and all, and fuck how about soap, a brush, hair conditioner.. good god Im a wuss.. So, that means I will NOT be applying to the show.

angel said...

i coulda sworn i commented here yesterday- though it may have been one of those moments where i was about to hit enter and my boxx walked in or something...
its a brilliant post sweets- all of it- i could not have said it better!

Louisa said...

I agree with everything you said Sweets...stay or go, but stop whining already! And the maggot who tries to hurt me will soon find himself at the business end of my fury too.

Bro_ken said...

Hey! thanks for making the first comment on my blog :P Why did you remove my comment about TP vs. tampons, lol is it gross?

Good going on the new name :)

hmm so Bahrain is the place to make lotsa money says miss M, I'm going to google it now, money is my favourite thing to collect.

Anonymous said...

I think something that probably didn't come out right from the post on my blog, was that I actually LOVE our country. IT's like the letter you sent me. THIS is where my heart is. Where I can hear the African Fish Eagle. Where people dance on "Sarie Maree". This is where I grew up and where my family is. Where I know I will hear MY language spoken. By all. Each with their amazing accent and adding something special to it.

On the other hand, I hate everything I wrote about on my blog. I want people to stand up and fight for peace and freedom. Not sit and tell us to go to sleep earlier.

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