Friday, February 15, 2008

the day after!

valentine's day was not such an awful day after all...

i met the greatest guy!!!

naaaaahhhh just yankin' your chain.... haha... snork... haha.... but i did have a nice day!

kay was all excited yesterday morning...

"mommy mommy i have the coolest valentine ever!"

yeah?? i was so excited, i thought he had a new girlfriend at school...

who?? who???

what's her name?

is she nice?

when will i meet her???

... and he says... "no silly... it's you!"

kayoot...! he is such a sweetheart... jay gave me a beautiful (plastic) red rose with a note that said " you are the best "... sschweeeeeet! couldn't ask for a better day :)

i bought them a tin of chocolates to share, devine stuff, and made each of them a valentine's card, they loved it and was very surprised.... i even cooked a proper dinner for my guys ... miracles do still happen ;)

here are some baby pics i found of my babies that are babies no more, looking at pics like this makes me incredibly sad and proud and broody all at the same time... they were so bloody cute!!... look at those little faces man!... what happened to these babies??? so beware mommies, one day they look like this and the next ... they wear bigger shoes than you!

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AfroSLiQ Diva said...

That was so cute!!! Ur VD wasn't bad @ all.

The boys are have such beautiful

angel said...

oh man your boys are just so special! and what awesome pictures of them!!!

Glugster said...

Aha! You trained them well!

Ruby said...

any chance that guy was tall and blonde with blue eyes???

sweets said...

diva: yeah they do don't they... i just love them to bits!!

angel: what is even more impressive is that i could get my scanner to work to scan the pics... wmahahahahaha they are good pics i agree, I was the damn photographer after all ;)

glug: i try my best, thanks glugs!

ruby: wmahahahahahahah... mine has got the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen, but no, not blond ;)

Ruby said...

hmmm, ok then, i'll continue my search to the next blog:)

The Divine Miss M said...

Aww that is so sweet :) I want children so I feel like I have someone on Valentines Day! hehee

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a post about me!

Pretty babies!

Bridget said...

I love your boys! Those pics are awesome. The Pickle called and said ... happy Valentine's Momma. I was soo happy. Then she banged the phone down in my ear!

Elise said...

Aww Sweets!

That is such a cute thing for him to say! You must feel like the worlds greatest Mum!

Hope you had a good one xx

sweets said...

ruby: you need to stop blogging and go look for that mountain man!

miss m: desperate times hun :)

sage: pretty babies! i do make pretty babies don't i... i must be a natural

bridge: aw bridge.. at least she phoned... let's leave it at that. kids are so weird, i can't tell you how many times that's happened to me, so don't feel bad!

elise: i AM the world's greatest mom, what you talking about?! ;)

M@ said...

I love how people would never post photos of themselves but have no problem w/ posting their children to their blogs. Cute.

sweets said...

m@... you must have missed it, i have posted pics of myself before, if you want one just ask :)

i usually take pics like these off after about a week

Faerie said...

tres cute, congrats mom!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Kay was right about his nicest ever Valentine.

Michelle Hix said...

Great pics! Sweet babies. Time goes by soooo fast.

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