Thursday, February 28, 2008


After a bit of research I finally found out how to find what keywords are used to get to my blog… other than you usual beauties that is!

Good grief, I was horrified!!!

I won’t tell you about the absolute perverted, sick, certifiable people out there… and the search words they use, these are some of the more amusing ones… and made me realize that i am normal, thank God, after all!

Testicle door knocker ~ I’m sorry did I ever write about this…??

Ass updates ~ oh my word, that makes no sense at all…

how to fuck yourself in the ass ~ huh??? Get help!!! Today!

you've got sweetness ass in the world ~ aha…yes I do ;)

my best friend loves my moms ass~ you have a problem bud, be afraid, be very afraid.

Sweetest Ass In The World 2008 ~ this can be so much fun… mwhahahahahahaha!

what a child can say to a second time divorcee~ i hope it wasn’t a kid googling this phrase, that is just sad…

irish blowjobs~ ??? hmmm I think I’ll have to google that too ;)

sweet old ass~ yuck yuck yuck… gross

i rest my case... i am normal after all!

14 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Bridget said...

my best friend loves my moms ass - Yeeee heee heee!

Sweet old ass - Haaa haaa haaa!

How to fuck yourself in the ass, jesus christ.

OK seriously, isn't there a way you could change your URL? You're heading for trouble with these search words.

Bwaaaa haaa haaa

ps: sorry for laughing so much, But these were classic.

sweets said...

bridget, i know! you should see the others... sick sick sick... these are quite funny eh? LOL

Anonymous said...

As bridget says, with your URL, you're in for an asstastic time.

The Divine Miss M said...

HAHAHHAHA I love it.

I get hits from things like "Sadistic Boob Torture" that freaks me out somewhat ...

"making tea health and safety" Interesting ...



angel said...

those are friggin awesome sweets!

and you reckon you're "normal" eh...?!?

sweets said...

kyk: i obviously didn't think about my blog address... i created my blog in 10 minutes before i went home one day, not a good idea!

miss m: sadistic boob torture... whahahahahahaha... eina!!! weird tho...

angel: i friggin hope so... i can honestly say i have never googled anything similar to those... except i must still check out the irish blow job one hehe... maybe us queens have missed something important *wink wink*

Lopz said...

How do you do it? I'm curious as to what mine would be... nothing nearly as scandalous as yours of course!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

This is a cool post, Sweets. Perhaps I’ll do some checking myself.

Thanks for you concerns about my health.

Elise said...

Normal um... thats debatable Sweets.

Love the post girl! xx

sweets said...

lopz: scandalous isn't always good i found ;)

nick: a pleasure!

elise: well... let's just say in comparison... how's that?!

Anonymous said...

please provide the link where you discussed how to fuck yourself in the ass.
I must say the mental pic of that is a tad disturbing.

Paula D. said...

Hilarious! I have come across some sketchy key words myself!!! It is amazing what people look for on the world wide web.

family fucks
crunch berries shit
eyebrow ghetto cuts
valentines day fuck

sweets said...

sage: that's just sick...!

paula: hey paula! welcome!! "family fucks"...whahahahaha good heavens!

angel said...

teehee... might well be worth checking out- a new technique to add to our repertoire maybe?


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