Wednesday, September 17, 2008

twilight years

like I've said before, recently Kay has turned into a slightly different person... and apparently it's only going to get worse before it gets better... dear God help me!

  • he talks back to me every chance he gets... with a bloody attitude to match

  • i have to break up physical fights between the two boys on a daily basis

  • Kay accuses me of loving his brother more than him.... pleaaaaaaaase... are you feeling my pain yet?? *mom rolling eyes at this stage*

  • he thinks i am totally without a brain, he always knows better than me...

  • to name but a few...

so every chance i get, i like to show him who's the boss... i know i shouldn't... but for some reason i get SUCH a kick out of it to annoy him... but because he's 13 he has lost his sense of humor in the fog that is teenagedom (new word ok?!)... everywhere i look, everything i touch and everything i say... i am not cool... dare i say he's embarrassed? ha... well i don't take that lying down... so i have these little acts of love i like to bestow on his unsuspecting self when we're in a public place and i should rather keep my mouth shut and act as if i don't know him... cause that's what he wants... walking a few steps in front of me and all... to prove his point... so!

what i do is i say really loud... for maximum effect!

"looking good, good looking!" (in my American drawl no less)

"mom... stop it!" he hisses my way

"looking good, good looking!"

"STOP IT!!!! "
*stomp foot*
"STOP IT!!!"
"STOP IT!!!!!!!!"

"looking good, good looking!"

i just can't stop myself... i mean honestly, if you're going to react to THAT like that, then you have to take what's coming... i am after not cool, so what did he expect??

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Kitty Cat said...

That's hilarious, and has put a lovely humorous spin on being a mother that I just may enjoy! Maybe I should have a kid after all, just so I can have some fun! Hee hee. Your post made me laugh.

The Jackson Files said...

Bwahahahahaha. That is SO funny. I get the feeling that there are times that I already embarrass Jackson, but NOTHING as cool as that.

Charmskool said...

Ah the little pleasures that come from being the mother of a teenager. Especially if you are uncool. It's wonderous how my daughter suddenly thinks I'm the coolest - no longer a teen she even believes I have a brain. The sighs are almost gone... almost...

Ruby said...

he it love it! one day when i have teenagers i'll come to you for lessons:) I think my folks were lucky, I didn't go through that phase, neither did my bro, i wonder if it had something to do with growing up in a small town???

BecauseIcan said...

You are soooo cool!!

Love it!.. Just what he needs..



Tamara said...

Hehehe... you sound like my mom. She'd do something like that, and then say really really loudly, "I'm sorry! Am I EMBARRASSING you?"

Kingcover said...

You should ask him in public some day if he still loves his mum. Do it in a well crowded place within earshot of his friends. That should embarrass the heck out of him. Yes I'm feeling sadistic today. Lol.

sweets said...

kitty... so glad i've turned you on to the road of motherhood :)

jacks... hehe you're starting early are you? go girl!

charm... how on earth did you get that right? *standing ovation* hopefully one day i'll be cool again *sigh*

ruby... it must be, well i have no such luck it seems :)~

bic... thanks darlink :)~ maybe i should start giving him the thumbs up when he's with his friends... LOL

tam... NOW THAT is genius :) i will have to remember that!

king... no i won't go that far, i'm just enjoying the little power i have left :)

Kingcover said...

That means you'll be asking him later today. Ha!

Anonymous said...

and if i ever needed a reason not to have another son...

there it is, right there!

sleepyjane said...

Like I said, he'll come around and realise you're actually kick ass. :)

Glugster said...

You are still welcome to borrow my whip. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I'm not cool either!
imagine that!!!!
d-9 gives me the same kinda responses!

angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa... i know EXACTLY what you mean! i have so deliberately rubbed the knucklehead the wrong way just to get a rise out of him!

strong tjomma- i feel your pain.

Miss Caught Up said...

Oh, man! LOL You are too funny!! I agree with one of the readers in the above comment that you should ask your son, in a public place, if someday he'll still love you LOL Or just say his name and then tell him that you love him as loud as possible! :)

Denguy said...

Aw, that's not fair!
Does this mean that I'll not be cool when my kids are teens? I mean, I'm rather cool now. I'm so cool and hip that it should be illegal. Why do teenagers get to take that away from us?

Slyde said...

it's all part of the growing up process... i have noticed my son standing his ground and being snotty alittle bit lately as well..

sweets said...

king... i'm not :) i am a good girl LOL

exmi... ag it will hopefully blow over... but i have to admit i didn't expect it to be quite as bad as it is!

jane... he'd better, i miss the old Kay :)

angel... LOL it's so much fun, but i just make things worse... but its still fun!

glugs... *sigh* very tempting offer :)~

sage... you? not cool??? that sweetheart is impossible :)

miss... omg woman he'll never forgive me...!! LOL

den... yip my friend read it and weep... it's just downhill from here :)~

slyde... is that your mini me little guy??? LOL

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