Tuesday, September 2, 2008

it's a lie!

so it's the 2nd of September today... officially spring... i mean look at the budding trees everywhere!! but i know it's like freezing... and then at noon it's freakin boiling... so i know, it's cold, but it's getting there!
ok the move:

oy... i HATE moving...

i hate it

i hate it

i hate it

i really do

some stupid wanker somewhere (statistically speaking) once said that death, divorce and moving house have the same level of stress associated to each...

excuse me?
that's so not true...

sure moving suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks...
but it's over so quick, it's like childbirth, after a week you can't remember the pain...
but divorce takes a loooooooooooong time, so honestly don't compare moving house and divorce, it's like comparing a horse with a poodle... just not the same thing...

my little flat is perfect, it's safe, in a security estate... i'm truly loving it, wasn't expecting that :)

all the boxes are unpacked, i was like a woman possessed, just wanted everything to be sorted... so by the weekend, everything will be in it's place again... i know... get a life~! haha... well i'm totally anal when it comes to boxes standing around...
i want to give special thanks today!

glugs and angel are the best... truly, these two bloggers, whose become really special friends to me blessed me out of my socks on Sunday... they arranged for two cleaning ladies to come clean the place i was moving out of... and if it wasn't for them... i dunno... i would still be cleaning that darn place now... awesome guys, thanks a million, you really do not have a clue how much it means to me, i'm humbled by your generosity... so thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!

ok that's my news, now to catch up on my workload... argh... is it Monday today? Tuesday? Sunday?

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phillygirl said...

So glad to hear your move is over and you survived it :) And that you're happy in your new place! Yay.

sleepyjane said...

So happy that you're all moved and settled. And I understand how you need to have everything packed out!

When J and I moved into our new place I unpacked until everything was put away - granted it was two in the morning but it was done. :)

Ruby said...

glad you made it;) I'm the same tho...I just want to get everything in it's place and get it over with:)

Tamara said...

Hah! I still have boxes after a year and a bit. Mainly because I've run out of space in our little apartment.

Well done to you. Isn't it great to have awesome people like Angel and Glug in your life?

Caz said...

WOW 1: you've COMPLETELY UNPACKED??? that is frikken incredible. Dam you are quick lady!
WOW 2: Glugs and angel are soooo sweet!!! WOW!!

Anyway, you're blessed to have people that love you so much and i am sooooooooooooooo jealous you are all unpacked. We still a few boxes to go :(

sweets said...

philly... thank God for small mercies right?! :)

jane... two o'clock? i barely made it to 10 o'clock... i've never been more tired in my life!!

ruby... i think there's something wrong with us, seriously... hehe

tam... i know, they are the best, i really have clue what i did to deserve them :)

caz... me? incredible???? ag if you insist... mwahhhhhhhhahahahhahhaa... yes glugs and angel ROCK!!! i just hope i'll be able to do something for them one day soon too :)

The Jackson Files said...

Ag, moving sucks the big one. But so glad for YOU that it's over. Me...I still have my move to come.

Being Brazen said...

Awesome to hear you happy in your new place. Moving really does suck..but if its to a better place the crappy box unpacking and stuff is all worth it.

Glugster said...

It really was a pleasure! We just wanted to make sure you didn't have to work yourself to death! And this way you could focus on getting unpacked quickly.

angel said...

what better way to help a friend who's moving when you won't be there to haul stuff around as well!!?!
i am SO glad you're linking the new pozzie so much!!!

sweets said...

jacks... when do you move to your new house??? oy... good luck :)

brazen.... so true!

glugs and angel... you two are the best :)

Arkwife said...

Superwoman is back!!

Angel and Glugs are awesome, aren't they :-)

I'm glad you're all unpacked, and almost settled. It's not home until you can walk in and just relax, without worrying about those two other boxes that you haven't unpacked yet. Well done :-)

Kingcover said...

Are the boys happy with their new home too? Or perhaps you left them in the old place ...... ut ohhhhh Sweets, are you thinking what I'm thinking?! Go fetch them! Poor little dudes - all alone in a cold apartment thinking their mum has left them! :-(


Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Enjoy your new home, Sweets!

May it give you:

Walls for the wind
And a roof for the rain,
And drinks bedside the fire
Laughter to cheer you
And those you love near you,
And all that your heart may desire

Anonymous said...

Well its over now so thats good!

I thought you were talking about me with the wanker thing!!!

Donnnnn said...

Huzzah for the new digs! It's nice to feel safe and organised and that was a wonderful gift.

You're right about the D-word...
same level of stress as a Death..
but then again Death is permanent...unless your Ex is a vampyre or zombie?
So that still makes Divorce worse...so moving is third...no there's surviving a Nuclear Holocaust and being devoured by a Shark...loss of libido...getting bifocals...irregularity...Vet bills for a really really really old pet...astroid collision...hang nails...anything to do with tweezers...

yeah, Life could be a lot worse.

Jenty said...

Wow, that was fast, well done on unpacking already!
And woohoo to the buds who organised a cleaner!

M@ said...

So weird. I just returned from Vermont (near Canada) and it was already fall up there.... I felt like I'd just traveled backward in time to the summer, flying into D.C.

ozymandiaz said...

yea, and how stressful can it be being dead?

Slyde said...

god how i hate moving.. i sympathize..

sweets said...

ark... she is?? where?? WHERE???? LOL

king... thankfully i sleep at night... they're loving it, so all is cool bananas :)

nick... thanks nick! i've missed you!!

sage... LOL :)

donn... you have some experience with those buddy? LOL just kidding... i agree life could be SO much worse... thank God it's not ;)

jenty... yeah baby ;)~

m@... enjoy summer while it lasts matt, winter is on it's way! read it and weep :)~

ozzy.... hmmmmm.... dude?!

slyde... oh well, what doesn't kill us right? :)

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