Monday, June 30, 2008

Moi... me... the I person

I saw this, the I list at Sage's blog and I too, thought it was cool :) that and blog fodder is damn scarce these days...

I am: a woman first, then a mother, then a daughter, then a sister, then a friend :)

I know: that i should quit smoking

I want: to win the lotto

I wish: I could be a contestant in the Amazing Race... i would loooooooove that :)

I hate: that i have to quit smoking

I miss: running every morning at 5

I fear: burglars breaking into my house at night while I'm asleep

I feel: with my hands and fingers, even my tongue works well ;)~

I smell: with my nose

I hear: with my ears... honestly ;)

I crave: baked potatoes

I search: if i knew what i would have found it by now, but i don't know so I'm still looking

I wonder: about lots of stuff that you would be quite surprised about
I regret: getting married @ the tender age of 19

I love: besides the obvious... i love to laugh

I ache: when i can't help my kids with stuff they struggle with but must learn to do themselves

I am not: Harry Oppenheimer, such a pity really, but on the other hand Harry's dead isn't he?

I believe: in God

I dance: horribly and often

I sing: like a nightingale... wmahhahahah sorry i couldn't resist... i do not sing well... although i love to sing

I cried last: watching a DVD

I fight: with my kids almost every day, forgive me

I write: on my blog, in my diary, on little pieces of scrap paper...

I win: I win? i don't get this one... see not really competitive

I lose: i lose my keys often, does that count?

I am never: late

I always: pray with my kids before they go to bed

I confuse: easily :)

I listen: to the same CD for weeks on end until i can't listen to it anymore

I can usually be found: at work or at home

I need: a 3 week holiday on an deserted (yet luxurious) island

I am happy: will it sound corny if i say... every day? cause i am

I imagine: things you wouldn't imagine me imagining

that's it... kind of cool huh?

OK your turn!

Friday, June 27, 2008


out of this noise...

here comes the stillness

out of this chaos

here comes the order

out of this language

out of this language

out out these words

(beautiful french mumblings)

out of patience

out of deed

out of courage

out of me

out of reason

out of truth

out of conscience

out of you


these words aren't the whole song... but these words are pretty awesome... theme song from Tara Road, absolutely stunning! the song is on youtube, but i just couldn't get the damn thing to work on here... so there...

ok don't be too naughty this weekend... but if you can't help yourself, well, that's life, make it count it :)

and as always... no regrets!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

baby steps

i posted this post on bad mommy blog too, so if you read that... sorry~ rerun :)

Concerta turned out to be a kind of a blessing and a curse all mixed together in a white tablet to be taken once a day, with breakfast :)

it's about two weeks now that Kay's on the medication and although I'm trying soooooo hard to be negative about this... so i can just tell his doc..... sorry this drug is just not for my kid ok!?


it's kind of working... wonders

who knew?

the new focused super charged Kay is a easy child to live with, I never knew he was so all over the place until he wasn't anymore... he still eats his food, although a bit less, i noticed that... he's also struggling to sleep more than 6-8 hours at a time... I'll see more of the results with his school work next term, it's school holiday now... but the big breakthrough is ... he's not so anxious anymore...

he's taking chances! real "dangerous" steps in his mind... like walking to school! this is a HUGE step for him... i know it sounds silly but really, as his mother i know what a big deal this was... granted it's not all the way to school, halfway... but still... halfway!!!

I'm slowly exhaling and my heart is bursting a little cause I'm so proud of him!

baby steps... :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


my mom has an agreement with us girls... (the three stooges) i mean us three sisters... that all her earthly goods has a sticker under it... so one day when she travels to the pearly gates... we won't fight about her stuff... she's given each item away before it's necessary... so no fighting will ensue after her death... good idea right? we think so... for example every so often I'll tell her... mamma that there pot is mine right?... and she'll smile and say...yes sweets, the sticker is stuck baby! and that will be that...

this part of the post will only make sense later so relax...
on Monday my BIL was supervising his mansion building activities currently underway... and out of nowhere an African grey parrot flies to him and lands on his shoulder! and as any normal human being would do... he grabbed the bird and made a beeline for the front door... to hide the bird from the neighbours...

it's a baby bird still... very cute to say the least... and let me tell you... the extended family really wants this bird!!! but we did the right thing... posters up all over the place... but nobody has claimed Bird yet! so either Bird flew further than we expected... or his owners don't deserve him... we decided and hope and pray that it's the latter :) due to the fact that nobody in our family has ever owned a bird, we didn't have a birdcage handy to stuff Bird into for the night... so my BIL took Bird to the nearest pet shop... and there Bird will stay until it's clear that nobody is looking for him/her...

let me just tell you... everybody loves Bird... Bird for some reason doesn't like me... unreal i know!... but what the heck... i LOVE Bird so for the time being i don't mind him biting me or giving me the evil eye... he is too cute... he nibbles on my mother's hearing aid (mwhahahahahahaha i know!)... and to say that my mom has fallen in love with this bird is an understatement...

so my dear BIL (who also sort of fell in love with Bird although he'll never admit it)... has decided in his infinite wisdom that Bird will come home to grandma if nobody claims him... even if somebody does claim him he's buying my mom another African Grey... ain't that sweet!

i thought so...!

anyway... as soon as mamma gets her parrot I'm asking her to stick my sticker under Bird's foot!
(he will most likely outlive me and my mom... life expectancy about 60)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the smaller the better

size doesn't count after all... ok with certain stuff size sure as shit does count...


but really?... not as much as you guys think...

ok I'm not talking about peeno's today... I'm talking about my irritating ways... I'm forever making notes during the day... 10 years ago i could actually remember the smallest detail without needing to put pen to paper but alas i have made peace with the fact that when you hit 30... yes 30 people... shocking but true... your mind start using it's amazing capacity to just flippen well i don't know what... but to remember small countless little facts?... or even very important messages and details? no chance... anyway... granted, the concept of writing the info down is a good idea ... and i purchased a nice book to do this in... but if you have a phone to your ear and your mind in a different location... well to remember to JUST use the damn book just doesn't always work... to add to this irritation, just as you put the phone down and you REMEMBER to write down the info in the said book... somebody calls my name and the piece of paper flutters to the surface of my desk... and DISAPPEAR.... mysteriously... luckily I'm not totally brain dead... typically two days later i would either wake with a start in the middle of the night... or stirring my coffee would ignite a moment of genius and i would REMEMBER that important thing that i never did ...

*my thought pattern goes pretty much like this when the light bulb goes on in my head*


DANG... i had to do something important....

what could it be?? hmmmmm....

*scratching chin*...

oh look at the pretty flower... smile...

*screechy music inside my head brings me back to original thought pattern*

i forgot to do X...!!!!

nooooooooooooo! how could i forget this???

luckily my boss is 30 years my senior... ;) 'nuff said!

so is it a good idea to write down your boss's flight booking info on a piece of paper?...

bookings that you haven't made yet??...

info that you need to make those damn bookings with?

on a piece of paper that inevitably disappears?

not so much...

Monday, June 23, 2008


I fiddle when I can and work when I should.
– John Denver

good philosophy me thinks :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

my point exactly

so yesterday i was discussing how all of are so obviously self centered... oh i know! it's a diary... it's a sounding board!... but still you HAVE to admit... for me in any case... this blog is the only thing in my whole entire life that is so self centered it reeks of it... and hey like i said yesterday... i have dealt with it... so yet again today...
it's all about ME baby!!!

this is a meme... DON'T RUN AWAY!we should stop calling meme's meme's don't you think... no tolerance for meme's out there... NObody will be tagged... so don't fear when sweets is near k?... this intrigued me mostly because i tend to avoid analyzing myself, and this kind of forced me to look inside a bit... not about the food and stuff.... there is NO analyzing needed there! but the second last photo on the right... bottom row... see that picture... that's me... searching... and i have no damn clue where to surface and what I'm even looking for... that's quite profound i thought... so kudos for blogging... cause this is the kind of thing that blogging does for me... it forces me out of my comfort zone... and i just put it out there... and i sit back and watch... so if that made any sense to you whatsoever lemme know cause i could use a bit of objectivity here :)

long story short, you look for pics that describes the following questions, mine starts top left, left to right, first row, second row, third row... capiche? (I'm almost sure i have this wrong, but that is how i did this for me)... if you want the real rules, go over to Bridget or Angel... they did it too and they followed the rules...

1. What is your first name?
… Stef...

2. What is your favorite food?
… lamb roast and baked potatoes... isn't that everybody's?

3. What high school did you go to?
… Diep gewortel hehe Hoerskool die Wilgers, goeie boere skool :)~

4. What is your favorite color?
… boom baby... i mean blue baby :)

5. Who is your celebrity crush?
… Edward Norton... omg he just makes me want to be really naughty...

6. What is your favorite drink?
… cappuccino with cream

7. What is your dream vacation?
… Greek Isles

8. What is your favorite dessert?
… chocolate mousse

9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
… my own boss

10. What do you love most in life?
… stupid question... two male creatures :)

11. What is one word that describes you?
… searching

12. What is your blog name?
… Sweets… it's a bit difficult to get a pic to describe "divorced with a sweet ass"!

so there... i thought that was quite thought provoking... but maybe you just thought


... if you did... well ... my point exactly :)~

Thursday, June 19, 2008

selfish bitch

I'm a selfish bitch...

yes... that's what i am...

I've dealt with it, have you?

sigh... being the pleaser that i am; that was such a difficult statement to make... i had to force my cold little fingers to type it... that's how bad i am... but I've come to accept that when i blog... i inevitably write stuff about myself... cause what the hell else am i supposed to do??... dangle over my neighbour's wall and check out what she's up to and then tell you about it?... nah... didn't think so... so as i was lying in bed last night... puffy eyed and depressed.... in insomniac hell, twiddling my thumbs and thinking ...

what the fuck am i going to blog about tomorrow??...

and all i could think about was... i wonder how many times i use the word I in a post?...


16 times so far ;) see selfish right there... who else use that word so many times in a piece of writing....!!!
oh the shame...

that is SO selfish!... and I'm NOT selfish... but i guess i am after all... which shocked me even more... blogging is so strange that way... don't know how this crazy blog world even started, but I'm sure that guy had NO clue how popular it would turn out to be... i mean, honestly... to give any random person a little soap box to shout his truths out into the world is just many people's idea of a perfect world... right? ... another strange fact that i read so many blogs myself... I'm addicted... i have to get my fix... and my fix is taking up more and more of my time... so I've cut down... i don't' buy airtime to get Internet access anymore at home... it was horrible at first... I'm sure i had withdrawal symptoms, kept on looking over to the pc hoping... but i stuck it out... now i do normal person stuff at night... i TALK to my kids, i LAUGH with my kids... ok i LAUGH at the tv too... i READ actual books... all my socks are neatly rolled into little bundles... my dishes are done ... my fish have a clean tank... see very good thing i stopped going online at night... cause just now i didn't have a real life after all ... argh

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mojo back

ha... my mama fixed my mojo... i shit you not... i was so depressed, very unlike myself... i absolutely hate being like that... moaning and groaning about every single thing... but yesterday it just all got a bit much and when i arrived to pick up the beasties my mom gave me one look and said...

sugar what's wrong with my baby?...

i know... I'm 36 but dang... my mama's love is just what i needed... she told me "sweets just move... pack your stuff and get the hell out" anyway... biggest stress in my life right now is about to be eliminated... evil landlord... she's really really really pissing me off... long story short... I'm not prepared to pay more for the 2 bedroom place I'm living in right now... she wants more money... and i'm not paying her more... end of story

here's a taste of our daily emails of the last two weeks... reminds me of a tug of war going on...

rent is going up 1 July sweets...

is that right? hmmm... cool... just fix a, b, c and d then i don't have a problem

yeah yeah sweets I'll fix it eventually, but you know it's not my problem that the place has water damage... and with the interest rate hikes, and the special levies... my word the cost of your unit is just sky rocketing... I'll have the body corporate fix it in a few months... but hey i want more rent ok?

screw you evil landlady, the interest rate hikes and all shit is not my problem... there's a reason i don't own my own place, so I'm not paying one more cent until this place is fixed...

so that's where we are at... me giving notice... i really don't need this in my life right now... so there! stick that in your pipe and smoke it you evil woman :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

and you thought you were depressed?

look at those pics... everyone together now.... awwwwwwwww
that's me today... not in the mood for work after the long weekend...
...and ...
would have rhymed so nicely to say Fucking right :)
i'm sorry... did i offend anybody?...
too bad so sad...
anyway... back to the rat race... round and round and round... I'll be back as soon as I find my personality... ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

who's your daddy!

hey boys and girls... this coming Monday is a south african public holiday, youth day... so I'll be back on Tuesday... but in the meantime... I'll be watching the comrades this weekend, it's a family tradition to follow the race the whole freaking day on tv... and by the end of the day you are so hyped up... grabbing your running gear and wanting to do the impossible yourself... my brother actually ran the race once, he finished in about 10 hours if i remember correctly... hectic!

ok onto business... ;)

it's also Father's day on Sunday so.... happy Father's day to all you sweet guys out there!

never underestimate the impact can have on your kids ok daddy-o's?? ... as a mommy, even if i don't like batman very much most days, he's still my babies' daddy... and they love him incredibly much... after all i can never be a mom and a dad to them, it's not supposed to be that way, I'm just a mom and their daddy... well he's still their hero, just the way it should be :)

so do me a favour Daddy's ... on Sunday EVERY woman you walk past you say

*with authority* ...



no... not closure as in mind blowing personal issues... just some closure with my hair!!

this is me with long hair... and no i will never ever look like that again... I've made my peace and will look like a boy for the rest of my life :) because it's just too damn hard to grow my hair... shit... it's totally ridiculous!! so it's official...

I've given up... i cut my hair yesterday... actually my hairdresser did... so don't fear...

so yes... disappointing but hell no body's perfect right :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

way back when...

be warned that this post is not for the squeamish... i apologise in advance :)

reading The Jackson Files brings back so many memories for me... reading what Jackson gets up reminds me of all the stuff that my babies did... sigh... they are growing up too fast... i catch myself taking mental pictures of them when my camera isn't handy... a far away look in their eye, that special smile... the belly laugh... bath time... it all goes too fast...

anyway i remembered a not so decent incident but highly entertaining... I can't even remember which one of my kids it was but he was sick, very sick, had a very high fever, you know that fever they get at 2 am... when nobody else is around and you are on the verge of hysteria... it was a night like that... he was about 3 years old... and a three year old is quite strong let me tell you... the only solution for a very high fever, in the middle of the night is a suppository... yes i know it's gross but lemme tell you it's a miracle to have those around... they work almost instantly... sorry I'm getting side tracked... so there i was, divorced and alone with a very sick child... trying to deposit the loot in the little hole... hehe... with a difficult, kicking child... holding his legs in my one hand (by the ankles) while pushing his legs back... I KNOW... gross... but desperate times you know... he saw what i was about to do and having had experienced this procedure before... he screamed....

nooooooooooo mommyyyyyyyyyy not the bullet!!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


hey there!!... I'm feeling strangely energized today... if i didn't know better i would be convinced the sandman* shagged me last night...
jokes aside... crisis averted or rather handled ... i realized that it actually works to organize my life at home... being an adult at work AND at home seems to do the trick... who knew right?! i too was shocked at this don't worry...

i had a bit of a wake up call yesterday... i was discussing some work with my boss and she looked at me and said... sweets why are you so irritated?... oops... me...irritated!!?!!?? ...

so imagine me banging my head on the table and telling her all my dramas...

after a while she sat back, smiled and said... phew...i thought i did something wrong!


*I'm sorry did i actually think this conversation was about me!?*

*silly me*

but if nothing else i realized that if my boss thinks I'm cranky, well that's just not good, she doesn't pay me to be cranky, she pays me to be perky and friendly and funny... so yes... that is my aim, to fool her into believing that I'm all that anyway... I've done a pretty damn good job of it until now... but she caught me out... what is so funny is that she walked in while i was reading blogs and wanted to work and i was of course irritated by the fact that i couldn't finish the blog i was reading.... mwhahahahahahaha... ironic right?!

among other things i phoned the shrink and demanded to talk to him, they are just never available... the poor man phoned me back and actually talked some sense into me... so onto Concerta we go... what i didn't mention yesterday is that Kay's "problem" goes further than just his concentration levels... he is a very anxious little boy, ok not so little any more... and that's the problem... it's not ok for a 12 year old to be afraid of everything... and I'm not exaggerating, he goes through life scared... and half the time he is hiding the fact that he is scared shitless, and with a dad that seems to be scared of nothing and a mom that wants to prove to him that he doesn't need to be afraid... i think he feels intimidated and humiliated and just basically scared most of the time... there are loads of reasons for it, stuff that happened in the past... but at the end of the day my son's not a happy chappy and i have to be the adult and solve this for him, even if it means putting him on hectic meds until the shrink can brainwash him into believing this world isn't such a hellhole and that not every second person out there is out to harm him, me or his brother... it's very sad and scary... if there is one thing that i don't want, it's for my son to grow into a man who doesn't feel safe... that is a fundamental building block needed for a healthy person... especially a guy... and to act his way through life is just too awful to even comprehend... so my son needs help and I'm getting him some... so basically the meds are ideal for both his problems, convenient yes?... sigh... i'm sorry i always make stupid jokes when stuff upsets me... and yes i'm still upset... but i'm handling it... which is always a good start... and after all... it's not about me now is it...

ok run along... check you all later... have a good one ;)

*... in afrikaans the sandman is called klaasvakie and i had to phone two people to confirm that klaasvakie is indeed the sandman... so if he isn't... i'm talking about that childhood myth of the person who comes and whacks you over the head with a bag of sand so you can fall asleep...

Monday, June 9, 2008


i know... nobody said raising kids would be easy but nobody ever told me it was going to be this hard... ffs... i nearly had a heart attack this morning... why? ... come to think of it i don't really know.... it just kind of gets to me after morning number 975 i still have to practically yank my kids out of bed every morning... argh... is it normal to have a pain in your chest?... my blood pressure still hasn't normalised... i never new i had a vein in my forehead that throbbed when I'm out of control... so let's just say this fucking week didn't start too well... things will have to change, and quickly... i don't want the welfare department knocking on my door one day soon...

ok other news... kay's shrink wants to put him on Concerta, it's the new type of Ritalin... i honestly didn't see that one coming... sigh... and i feel like i failed him somehow... and on the one hand I'm slightly rebellious about this... now i should give consent to put my son on schedule 6 medicines... *screaming in my head*... am i the only one to find this difficult to do? give him mind altering drugs to stabilize his concentration levels... fuck I'm having such a hard time dealing with this... I'll have to do this, i know i will, but for some reason i don't want to...

i had the weekend off... watched too many dvd's... hated the following movies... 27 dresses and ps i love you... honestly stupid movies... enjoyed the Jane Austin book club and The Bucket list... then the lesbian neighbours almost burnt their house down... hehe... it's not funny i know... but that nagging doubts you get when you leave your house and you wonder... did i put the stove off?... rather go check next time... that' s what I've learnt :)

Friday, June 6, 2008


yip Friday's back again... that means I'm lazy and i post stupid stuff, just to amuse you for a few seconds to get you off my back :)~
besides the "I'D DO ME" poster i love this first one... LOL...
ok people have a great weekend... i hope it's bucking frilliant!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


this hair growing business is not fun at all... i ask myself again and again why i ever started this whole damn stupid process... argh.... luckily... i have nobody to impress, otherwise i would probably never leave my house... cause in all fairness my hair is not looking hot at all... I've even bought myself a hat jobby to cover the exploding hair follicles... but even with that i don't feel comfortable... i wore the hat last Friday to work... casual Friday ... and one client said to me " oh you going riding sweets?" pah... yeah right har har... I'm getting positive feedback from everybody but can't help to suspect that everybody is just being tactful and sweet about this whole thing... or they are just lying through their teeth... and laughing their asses off behind my back!...i wish somebody would give me an honest opinion... and no I'm not posting a pic of my hair so don't even ask... it's embarrassing OK, it really really really is... maybe i should just cut it and be done with the whole thing...sigh... nothing i try is working... i look like a ridiculous version of Alice in wonderland with a hairband... so I'm keeping the Elvis hairstyle alive and i pray that something falls into place soon... no pun intended :)
at least i provide endless entertainment to my kids when i get out of the bath... i have this look down to a T , sexy eh?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i did a horrible thing

forfuckssakes... i did something that had to be done... and yet i feel heartbroken and sad and sorry all at the same time... it's literally the end of an era for me and the kids... and yet i still know i did the right thing... well i hope so in any case.

i broke the news to Jay about Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy... although i just didn't have it in me to tell him about the Easter bunny too... couldn't imagine breaking 3 dreams in one day... *plonk*plonk*plonk*... it was horrible, i've wanted to keep this myth alive for him as long as possible but it's such a difficult thing, when do you come out with the truth?... i couldn't leave it to some snot nosed tactless kid at school to tell him ... Jay is now 8 going on 9 and if anybody at school would have told him about these things he would have either...

  1. knocked their teeth out

  2. violently defenced Christmas Father in his absence to his own huge embarrassment later on

and like my sister said, if you get to the stage where you are ready to defend Father Christmas with a bloody nose... it's probably time you knew the truth :)

so I've been toying with the idea for a while but just didn't have the heart to tell him and on Saturday we were discussing Christmas and I thought... nooit, it's now or never...

Jay, I have to tell you something about Father Christmas...

I know... I know!!!... he's only bringing me one present, sheesh!!!... (dejected face mwhahahahahahaha was very funny)

No my baby, if only that was it... see it's not that I've been lying to you... it's just... although I believe in Christmas Father, not everybody in the world believes in him... it's a bit impossible for one person to deliver millions of presents all across the world in one night don't you think...

you could have knocked my kid over with a feather.... his eyes were huge and frozen in it's sockets...i shit you not... i hated every second of that conversation...

ARE YOU SERIOUS???? (he sat thinking, still with the shocked expression on his face... for a minute or two)... so who brings our presents???!!!!

it's amazing that these things never dawns on them, totally precious...

it's me silly :)

and then he smiled a huge smile ~ either telling me that all his presents so far was some pretty neat gifts... or seeing the possibility to wrap mommy around his little finger for christmas :)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

say what?

Doodles of a journo had this meme up... yet again... nobody is forcing anybody to do this ok!? and yes i changed the questions a little bit... i quite enjoyed it...reading hers and doing mine so... here goes some random shit you didn't want to know but will know now anyway ... :)

What is in the back seat of your car right now? right now? why do you want to know this?? this is such a strange question...
When was the last time you threw up? after my birthday in December... good Lord i was sick as a dog!
What’s your favorite curse word? FUCK and the Afrikaans version... fok
What will you be doing 3 hours from now? cooking dinner, the joys of motherhood :)
Have you ever been to a strip club? actually not, should i want to go? hmmmm... isn't that a guy thing?
What is the best ice cream flavor? chocolate of course
What was the last thing you ate? a hot dog
Ever go camping? yes... the next question should have been... will you go camping again? NO
Do you have a tan? no~ it's winter.. who has a tan in winter i ask you????
Do you drink your soda from a straw? only when i'm outdoors, bees tend to get into my coke~ always...
Are you someone’s best friend? oh yes :)
Where is your mom right now? she's looking after my kids, bless her heart XXX
What colour is your watch? i don't wear a watch ~it irritates me
What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Great Barrier Reef and cork
Would you consider plastic surgery? hell yes, tummy tuck please!
What is your birthstone? I have a birthstone?! i'm kidding... i have no idea... is this important to know?!
How many kids do you want? wmwhahahahahahahahahahaha that's a joke right?! dear God I think i'm going to hyperventilate...
Have you met anyone famous? i have actually met loads of politicians... they are much shorter than you would expect
Biggest annoyance in your life right now? sexual deprivation
Are you jealous of anyone? yes, my sister, but in a good way, don't ask :)
What time is it? 2:37 pm or 14h37
Do you eat healthy? not really, well sometimes but i don't really see the point..
How old will you be on your next birthday? 21
Name one thing you’d still like to do: learn to speak Zulu
Favorite colour? is black a colour?

Monday, June 2, 2008

this and that

jay is going through a skateboard craze... and i have to admit he's damn good for his age, doing all sorts of tricks... anyway yesterday i took him to a neighbourhood mall to skate to his little hearts content in the parking lot... nobody around at 5 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon right?... you would think so... other than the people who doesn't own a washing machine, visiting the laundromat that is... i parked and i noticed a mini cooper standing close by with two occupants... hmmm... affair alert!!! cause why would you choose to have an in depth conversation on a Sunday afternoon (in a car) when you could be doing it at home or in a public place such as a coffee shop... except if you couldn't go to either his or her house... or be seen together in a public place... ridiculous... having an affair that is ... i mean honestly...

so back to the mini... i kept on looking at them... and i made them so embarrassed/annoyed that they left... hehe... i can just imagine the conversation in that car...

lover 1: oh my sweetheart i love you so... i cannot bear to be away from you!!! i want you! i want you now!!!

lover 2: i know sweet cheeks... you make my heart go boomdiboomdiboom and my wife at home just doesn't understand me! you are the woman of my dreams!!! come here...

lover 1: i love you so my sweet lover... my husband is just an awful man, he provides for me and loves me and my children but he just doesn't understand me like you do... oh no the gearstick is killing me!

lover 2: i feel the same... about you... not the gearstick! what can we do... when will i see you again? i just cannot bear this!! is your cell phone off?... just now your husband phones to check why you're taking so long to buy milk and bread...

lover 1: lover... look at that woman in the car over there... why is she watching us? look she's laughing ... do you think she knows?? do you know her??? is she from cheaters???

lover 2: oh no... just look at her... smirking at us... i feel so dirty... let's go park somewhere else...

teehee... it's so pathetic... so i hope Mr and Mrs mini cooper stops their shit and realize that being in lust only lasts that long... by then the patient all forgiving spouse would have grown impatient and probably would have taken the kids and moved on to someone who actually deserves them :)

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