Monday, June 30, 2008

Moi... me... the I person

I saw this, the I list at Sage's blog and I too, thought it was cool :) that and blog fodder is damn scarce these days...

I am: a woman first, then a mother, then a daughter, then a sister, then a friend :)

I know: that i should quit smoking

I want: to win the lotto

I wish: I could be a contestant in the Amazing Race... i would loooooooove that :)

I hate: that i have to quit smoking

I miss: running every morning at 5

I fear: burglars breaking into my house at night while I'm asleep

I feel: with my hands and fingers, even my tongue works well ;)~

I smell: with my nose

I hear: with my ears... honestly ;)

I crave: baked potatoes

I search: if i knew what i would have found it by now, but i don't know so I'm still looking

I wonder: about lots of stuff that you would be quite surprised about
I regret: getting married @ the tender age of 19

I love: besides the obvious... i love to laugh

I ache: when i can't help my kids with stuff they struggle with but must learn to do themselves

I am not: Harry Oppenheimer, such a pity really, but on the other hand Harry's dead isn't he?

I believe: in God

I dance: horribly and often

I sing: like a nightingale... wmahhahahah sorry i couldn't resist... i do not sing well... although i love to sing

I cried last: watching a DVD

I fight: with my kids almost every day, forgive me

I write: on my blog, in my diary, on little pieces of scrap paper...

I win: I win? i don't get this one... see not really competitive

I lose: i lose my keys often, does that count?

I am never: late

I always: pray with my kids before they go to bed

I confuse: easily :)

I listen: to the same CD for weeks on end until i can't listen to it anymore

I can usually be found: at work or at home

I need: a 3 week holiday on an deserted (yet luxurious) island

I am happy: will it sound corny if i say... every day? cause i am

I imagine: things you wouldn't imagine me imagining

that's it... kind of cool huh?

OK your turn!

14 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Charmskool said...

Wow I loved that! I hope you won't mind if I give it a try?

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

going to do it too.!

check out the new bad mommy bog homework.

missed you yesterday at the BG lunch.

im back to blogging....missed everyone!

The Jackson Files said... got married at 19. That is young.

Very cool, meme btw.

PS. Do Alan Carr - you won't even miss smoking when you quit, promise.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's cool. That goes into my 'I really want to write but don't know what' category. They're easy and always interesting to read! :)

sweets said...

charm: of course not! knock yourself out :)

ex: so sorry i missed the damn lunch... to meet you and bridget!...argh... :)~

i bought the book...
i hate the book...
i do...
i think i hate allan carr too...
not going well in that dept :)

jane: you got it babe :)

Glugster said...

I hope you won't mind if I don't give it a try?

angel said...

i like! i like!
i'm going to do it too...

Kingcover said...

I think the reason you can't listen to your CDs any more is because you've worn the poor things out. When a horrible scratching noise starts to occur in the CD player it's generally time to take the CD out. CDs feel pain too I'll have you know! Freedom for CDs. Vive La Revolution!


FV said...

I read Supermom's blog and came across yours. Thought it was neat. So, I tried it to.

sweets said...

glug: LOL no i'll forgive you if you don't!

angel: can't wait to see yours!

king: hmmmm freedom for cd's? mwhahahahahaha ok... if you say so :)

fv: cool :)~

The Blonde Blogshell said...

This is the BEST MEME, YET!

love it!!!

Ruby said...

hmmm...i might do it too if i get the time:) wrong post....but i'm glad your boy's doing well:)

Arkwife said...

I luuuuuurrrrrvvveeee this post Sweets. I might just go and do it....even though it might not be about quite the same topic :-)

Wenchy said...

I also wanna win the lotto

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