Thursday, June 12, 2008

who's your daddy!

hey boys and girls... this coming Monday is a south african public holiday, youth day... so I'll be back on Tuesday... but in the meantime... I'll be watching the comrades this weekend, it's a family tradition to follow the race the whole freaking day on tv... and by the end of the day you are so hyped up... grabbing your running gear and wanting to do the impossible yourself... my brother actually ran the race once, he finished in about 10 hours if i remember correctly... hectic!

ok onto business... ;)

it's also Father's day on Sunday so.... happy Father's day to all you sweet guys out there!

never underestimate the impact can have on your kids ok daddy-o's?? ... as a mommy, even if i don't like batman very much most days, he's still my babies' daddy... and they love him incredibly much... after all i can never be a mom and a dad to them, it's not supposed to be that way, I'm just a mom and their daddy... well he's still their hero, just the way it should be :)

so do me a favour Daddy's ... on Sunday EVERY woman you walk past you say

*with authority* ...


12 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Tamara said...

Who's YOUR daddy?

sweets said...

grrrrrrrrrrrr :)~

angel said...

LOL, very cool post!
i've always been mommy and daddy with my daddy darling and da bruvva as damien's male role model... the last few years my family even got me father's day cards, teehee!
we used to watch the comrades... but haven't done so in a loooong time. and me and glugs will be in comrades traffic this weekend so i won't be seeing my daddy darling!

Glugster said...

Admit it. You don't really want to run. That's just crazy.

The Jackson Files said...

I may have to do 'dad' things with Jackson on Sunday, because his real dad is away in Italy getting married and therefore will totally miss out on the joy that is his son!

Ruby said...

blegh!!! i'm not even supersticious and this has turned into one aweful friday the 13th:( Hope you're having a better day hun??

I aint gonna say it...cause i aint a go....but i'll be giggling all the way if somebody asks me that on sunday...LOL

pure evyl said...

Now that is something that I can do with relish.

Ruby said...

i meant to say cause i aint a guy....not a go....shees! talk about having a terrible day!

Obakeng said...

Mhh... I am actually thinking of running the Comrades myself, it just that i haven't plucked up the courage.

Perhaps when i finish my degree this year, then next year i'll do it. But it is definitely one of those things you MUST do!


Anonymous said...

This daddy ain't running unless chased!
hope ur weekend is good!

Slyde said...

i agree.. us daddys rock the house! :)

sweets said...

angel: happy father's day Angel, you rock babe :)

glugs: no it's not!!! what do you say you join me next year? hehe

jacks: his loss! hope you had a great day :)

ruby: i've always wanted a tshirt asking... are YOU my daddy?

evyl: i know evyl... LOL

obi: yeah!!! somebody that feels the same way about the comrades as i do!!!

sage: i'm sure something can be organised :)~

slyde: are you my daddy slyde?? ;)

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