Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

happy mothers day to all the mommies for yesterday!

mine was fun, @ 6h00 i was served tea and marshmallows in bed with hugs and kisses and presents... so sweet, thanks guys you're the best!
but 6h00??? oy...
no worries i didn't say a word :) here's a pic of my mug... the marshmallows i ate before i took the pic... there's my heart shaped key-ring and two magazines... i must say very sweet and thoughtful gifts from two boys... jay was the most original... he bought the mug and the keyring by himself without anybody's assistance or ideas, and in advance... kay on the other hand... when my mom asked him what he got me he said... ag he'll give me some money and then i can buy something for myself... ghmf... then she bought the magazines and took the money :)

so it was quite a cool day, had a kfc bucket for lunch with the extended family... cause nobody was cooking!

i should tell you what happened Saturday night but i'll leave that for another time... and no i did not get laid unfuckinfortunately!!


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The Jackson Files said...

Tea and marshmallows...yum...just what i feel like at 6.00am!

Glad you had a happy day.

angel said...

happy mother's day to you too sweets!
i was lekka spoilt all day!

damien's card is priceless though- i can't wait to blackmail him with it one day... and i quote: "another mothers day jippie enjoy it"

Ruby said...

he he;) lurvely! unfortunately i didn't get to spend mothers day with my mommy...she lives too far away. But i spoilt her in advance last weekend...and i did call;) so I ended up spoiling the replacement i always do;0

sweets said...

jacks: thanks :) i think i should have a marshmallow every morning for breakfast!

angel: cute, glad you had a great day tjomma!

ruby: good for you, who's the replacement??

Ruby said...

my aunt:) i stayed with them for a couple of months when i first moved to joburg...they are like my replacement fam. have both a replacement mom and dad and 3 sister.....LOL

sweets said...

cute :)

ok ruby tell me this: why aren't you adding me as a friend to FB??? i'm starting to take this personally... *boohoo*
i know it's you i found on FB, i know your real name so you're just like~ IGNORING ME!!!


Bridget said...

Well its sounds like a grand day baby!

Still no shag huh? I am eschowing all men. Let's date.

Thank you so much for the hugs and love.

Shock and Awe hun.

Har har at Ruby not adding you on FB. Ruby, how come so many people are strting to know ewho you are?

Anonymous said...

well I'm glad your mommy day was good!

Damn ! I was hopin you got a lil sumthin on Sat night!
well better luck next time!

sweets said...

bridget my love you are the new love of my life... LOL... ruby is very dubious.... weird i tell ya!!

sage: thanks for the m~day wishes you are a sweety pie :)~

just remember i could be lying to ya'll about getting a shag saturday night :))))

The Divine Miss M said...

Happy Mothers day to you! :)

No one reminded me it was Mothers day in SA and I forgot to send a card. Was in trouble *sobs*

Least I remembered to call!

Mum didn't take that too well. Apparently I really should have remembered the card.

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful Mothers Day, Sweets!


Lopz said...

I'm so lucky that we have never really bothered with MD in my family. Anyway, all I need to do to make my mommy happy is just write a funny blog post - she says those are her favourite presents. Altogether now: aaaaaaaah!

Tamara said...

Marshmallows... craving them now.

Have you tried all the cool new ones Woolies is makeing - chocolate, vanilla, yoghurt... ok, so the last one does sound dodgy, but the vanilla ones rock. Especially in hit chocolate.

Hot chocolate... craving that now too!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'ma peach!

Sheena Gates said...

okay, so you ALMOST got laid then?

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