Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Jobs I would never do:

Accountant…argh… rather give me some ant poison to drink please!
Gynecologist… good money but checking other’s woman’s plumbing every day... hell no!!
Trash… I take my hat off to those guys!
Coach of SA Rugby team:… need I say more… why would anybody want that job?
Chef… i would have access to huge knives... and i would have to cook... those two combined... just looking for trouble
Printer repair guy… or the copier guy... whhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy?
Plumber… not my cup of tea… but I hear they make uber bucks...
housewife... if the hubby was loaded... maybe... but staying at home to clean and cook, thanks but no thanks
dentist... ever wonder why dentists wear those masks? so how was the garlic snales last night mr stinky breath?

Jobs I would love to do:

Teacher: this is a hard job but kids are generally scared of me and I generally like kids, good average i think...
Florist...that would actually be my perfect job…
Programmer… this is the thing I should have done with my life but I missed the bus on this one because of my lack of self esteem... poor stupid me
Writer… but only if i could live in the south of france
Fireman…that pole!
Stripper... that pole again... sigh

to me it's all about enjoyment... and obviously the pole hehe...

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AfroSLiQ Diva said...

Trash guys have courage! Leave your trash with left-over food indoors for 2 weeks and you'll see what they have to deal with - I wonder how nuch they get paid! ]

House wife is a no, no unless there is fulltime help around and I'm ,arried to a person like Patrice or Tokyo!

Gyne - Oh hell no!

Accountant - Balancing millions that you'll never have, I'd rather count my own ( which is not much)

Then there is the "pole", first I'd have to learn how to gyrate and make my booty do a shakira/ boyonce move!

angel said...

i'm SO with you on all the "couldn't do" jobs! and add to them "vet", "supermarket cashier" and "doctor's receptionist"!!!

ooh, stripper... i think i could live with that!
how bout a writing stripper in the south of france?

Boobah's Mom said...

maybe you should re-think 'programmer' as a 'would-love-to-do' job. programming is actually not all that its cracked up to be. as a qualified former programmer myslef, i am talking from the horses mouth.

you spend MUCH more time de-bugging and fixing other idiots old code, than you actually spend making new cool stuff.

and people will ALWAYS find a problem or want a change...

no no no, programming sucks!

Bridget said...

You do not want to live in the south of France, the girls there make you feel like killing yourself they are so gorgeous and the men treat everyone like whores. Besides, French food it too rich.

Now, I would love to have Jake's job, he managed a bestseller out of it. He get to watch the buns on over twenty okes while they shower in the change rooms! Lovely stuff.

I would like to be a childless housewife. Then I could write, look at the possibilities. And I would never let the house get so messy that it takes me all day to clean!

What would you programme? Computers? Eek, I love geeks when they are make and have geeky beards!

So, like yeah ... that was me!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered moving to Poland? Plenty of Poles there.

sweets said...

diva: that's the beauty... you don't need to shake your booty on a pole... you just need muscles of steel in your upper arms :)

angel: oh yes, writing stripper in the south of france mwhahahahahahaha

booba: ok scrap that from my list!!

bridge: france can't possibly be that bad!! don't shatter my dreams woman!! i hear they don't shave so just imagine my legs and pits....wmahahahahahahaha

kyk: cold (P)poles... i don't think so ;) always in pole position aren't you hehe

Lopz said...

I had something to write and then I got distracted by the extremely bad puns about poles being lobbied back and forth.

Sheena Gates said...

LOL! I am so buying you a pole when you get here!

Count down - how many more days til you're in my part of the world?

Ruby said...

you forgot auditor.......mosyt people hate that tooo....me loves it tho......poles...hmmmmm....firemen

Hazel said...

hi, thanks for dropping by, mind to exchange link?

BecauseIcan said...

I like your pole idea.. Sexy G agrees that any job involving poles is a womans job because no one can handle poles like girls can...

I am happy with my job.. in fact being the tea girl is my calling in life.. And I am really really good at it!
You should add tea girl to your list.. you dont know what you are missing.. ;-)


M@ said...

I guess I'm lucky to be a writer, in many respects. You are dead right about accountants. We should exterminate them. Another job I'd hate.

Anonymous said...

I gotcha a pole!
what is a programmer?
You need to rethink Florist, I owned one

Boobah's Mom said...

a programmer is a developer. of software and webpages and anything to do with a computer...

it's actually very unglamorous - as i've said before.

next time someone asks me what i do for a living, i'm going to tell them i'm a make-up artist at a mortuary!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love a stripper.
Id love to be a writer.... give me a good excuse to sit around and indulge in my own imagination

sweets said...

lopz: hehe... it took a huge amount of self restraint not to throw in another pun ;)

sheena: 10 sleepies!!!!!!!!!!!!

ruby: counting beans not my kind of fun... :)

hazel: ok ok... i'm such a pleaser ;)

because: i think deep down every single woman out there just loves poles... hehe... tea girl... that's the same as being a sextary right?

m@; just remember to have your dungeon exterminated...

sage: you owned a flower shop?? did you do the flower arrangements yourself?

boobah: oh my ... that is another job i have to add to my list... of all the jobs in the whole wide world THAT is the one i would NOT be able to do... i don't do well with dead people

BecauseIcan said...

a sextary would be an upgrade to my position.. dont think I am THAT qualified..

Anonymous said...

nah no arrainging for me
I did deliver on valintines day though!
I assure yo I won't be in that biz again, it made money but it was a headache all the time.

Michelle Hix said...

I think a hygenist is worse...cleaning peoples teeth??? I always tell my hygenist that I could never do it.

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