Friday, July 20, 2007

Hello...anybody out there??

well, here i am.

hello me.

my sweet ass turned into a big ass over the last year, i swear i never noticed it, and bam! there it was... with a life of it's own! If you've never had a bigger than usual ass then you will have no idea what i'm going on about, but if you do understand, hello sista! anyhoo i decided that enough is enough and to urgently with NO delay have to take up my lonnnnnng lost love.....drumroll....running. now if you are not a runner you will not get this but trust me if that running bug bites your ass (no pun intended) it never goes away, it's really fun, try it! first of course it's always advisable to buy good running shoes, my old trusted running shoes was; how can i put this nicely... f&cked, so off i went to sportsman's warehouse. i tried on too many pairs and was lost after a while, which one is best?? i should have taken along one of my friends but being an impulse buyer, after the decision was made i grabbed my keys and drove off. due to the fact that i'm a girl i tend doubt my choice, i only had my trusted salesgirl (never a good idea) to ask an opinion. wanting her to UNDERSTAND where i'm going with this...i said:

me: i'm looking for really good shoes sussie, you see i'm heavy (haha understatement!) and i really really need good shoes

salesgirl: yes madam i can see you are heavy...

me: WTF!?

salesgirl: it's really good shoes

me: where's the till?

i'm allowed to say it, nobody else, really, nobody else is allowed to say that i'm heavy, cause if they say it it's true... i set off looking for my 2 rascals trying their hand at golf or punching the boxing thingie in the other corner. i don't know why i take them to the shops with me anymore, i spend too much money with them around, it takes me twice as long and i'm twice as tired because believe me when a 11 yr old and a 8 yr old decide they want something... say no more. i promise myself never to take them shopping with me, and yet they jump into the backseat with such enthusiasm every time i pick up my car keys...

so i'm running again, the first while my sweet ass rebelliously wobbled along but thank God the wobbling has subsided considerably... running baby, it changes your world!!

3 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Philip said...

Get shoes that are comfortable to you - and then ask them to recommend a good pair of shock-absorbing insoles. The 20 bucks for the inserts are really worth it in the long run. You take the cheap thin ones out of the shoes and put the cool techy shock-absorbing ones in, and you save yourself quite a bit of pain in the long run.

good luck whittling your posterior back to its natural state

angel said...

holy crap! i woulda smacked her one!!! i can't believe i didn't read your archives when i found you!

pure evyl said...

I agree with Angel. You should have pimp slapped her.

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