Monday, July 23, 2007

To dream the impossible dream!

my best friend and I have decided to dream the impossible...Comrades... i am out of breath just thinking about it... let me just say that i have serious reservations if we will ever be able to do the comrades but we can dream about it ok, give me that! i think it must be one of the greatest achievements ever, not for anyone else; but a very personal achievement. i have a loooooong way to go, my friend even a longer way to go, she hasn't even started training, i know i know, we are being slightly (hehe) unrealistic! but it's a nice dream, you have to admit... i can just picture us, we are firstly not very quiet, so we will be laughing and joking all the way, ja i know that won't last long, reality has a way of getting to you very quickly! anyway, the other problem is that we are both smokers, so we will have to have several smoke-breaks along the way, cough cough...

Ok ok, i know it's an IMPOSSIBLE dream, but WTF I'm gonna do my best to achieve this one ... just for me!

1 COMMENTS....bite me!:

angel said...

well... you didn't say which year you were going to run it!

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