Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Internet dating

what happened to the days when you met your future bloke in the local supermarket or at a friends party? i'm at that age, all my friends are married, good for them, i'm not so lucky, i'm divorced, happily i might add, but still divorced. now the problem is that it seems that all the available guys i've met thus far are not hooked up for a reason... they are either not relationship material or they are just plain icky, you know the kind where i would rather gladly (chomp chomp) opt for a mouth full of cut glass before i would kiss that guy, urghhhh, thanks but no thanks honey!
so what is a girl to do??? internet dating they say.... oh dear, things certainly have changed.... so i tried it, you can't knock something until you've tried it right? now people, hear me, on the web is all, or most at least of the craziest weirdo's mankind could scrape together in one tight-knit, horny community, cause really that's all it is, everybody is horny and looking for some humping... shag....shag... that i realised after about 1 day, shocking, i must be more conservative than i ever imagined! the one proposed black leather outfits and whips, yeah right insane person, i would love to meet you??!!!! the other guy told me, ok toots we all know why we are on this site, i want to shag your sweet ass, i just hope you have no pubes, cause mr crazy does not like pubes, good heavens, now meeting a guy like that would just be like....dumb, like meeting most of the guys i "met" online, they are not your average guy at all, really, trust me, don't go there... unless.... you actually meet someone nice.
my stubborn nature could not believe that there was not one normal guy that could actually be a sane, nice guy.... and lo and behold i actually found him, or did i? i chose him as a favourite and we started chatting online, but i was soooo scared that he was a serial rapist just waiting to grab my sweet ass... you know?? so i kept at it, chatting away and after about two months of chatting, i actually agreed to meet mr online, spoke to him on the phone, check, saw his photo, check, told a friend where i would be, check, but i was as nervous as hell.... thank goodness the date went ok, no awkwardness, no earth shattering fireworks though, but i have to admit that fireworks, although it's very sweet and great, is highly overrated and not on the top of my list of priorities anymore... been there got a drawer full of t shirts... so we'll see, he's ok, but i must admit full of sh&t like most men, oh dear i think i will opt to stay single for a while longer, who knows one day my knight in shining armour may still knock on my front door... i'm waiting in anticipation!

2 COMMENTS....bite me!:

angel said...

been there. done that. didn't ever meet anyone though- they annoyed me so much on line i couldn't go through with even chatting to them!

Kitty Cat said...

Been reading through some of your first posts, I like to get more of an idea of bloggers, when I get the time. You are funny! And I met my hubby on sms-dating!

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