Tuesday, July 31, 2007

boys & their toys!

this is what happens in my house every night... we get home, homework already finished at ouma's house (thanks ouma i don't know what i would do without you!!!) then we have supper, and then we flop down for our line-up on tv... our line-up is just ours, me and my 2 boys, our little inner circle-activity. well, no problem so far, my problem comes in when every night, after about 10 minutes of watching tv my two boys do the same thing, their hands inevitably find their way into their pj's!!! wtf??? i work hard to maintain a open relationship with them with regards to sex and such but what do i do with this??? there is no hubby i can poke in the ribs and point... i've told them no no no my darling, don't do that, if you absolutely have to do this (haha they obviously do) go to the bedroom or somewhere private ok? "ok mommy" they solemnly reply, and tomorrow night... same thing! then i've tried to joke about the "problem" but now it turns out that they find it absolutely hilarious, i must admit it is really funny, shame these small little willies get with the action, and then they jump to attention, then my 7 year old must show mommy what his willy's up to (excuse the pun)... and i'm supposed to keep a straight face! it seems all men from the youngest of them always will have this fascination with their tools, girls don't have this do they? scary stuff being a parent. one good thing is that my eldest does not have a problem talking to me about anything, we've discussed it all, wet dreams, boner's, blow job's everything, you may think i'm too liberated but let me tell you, if you don't tell your kid about this stuff, someone else will, i opted to rather tell him myself

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angel said...

mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaaaaaa... boys are strange aren't they!!?!
i had the same discussion with damien time and time again!

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