Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OCD much?

Blogging was a huge part of my life a few years back.  Not in a desperate kind of crazy lady way, I just kind of got consumed by it, loved it to bits.  Now on a whim I decided to start blogging again. 

You see, here lies the problem.

Turns out I'm a bit more OCD than what I knew.  Blogging every now and again is not an option.  In my head you either go big or go home but my left brain have made an executive decision.... there will be no daily blogging.  It's just too much, with Twitter as my first love, you know? (#twitterlove)

So, this is not really a PSA more than confirmation to myself, here in black and white.  Sweets, you aren't blogging every day, so don't start thinking you are.  Deal.

Long weekend starts in 29 minutes!  I'm so happy I wonder if I should ditch my car and skip home?



Monday, March 11, 2013

The balance is lost

I don't know why but I am questioning all sorts of decisions and behaviours and needs vs wants and should I's and go away I don't want to look at your face kind of issues lately. 

I've got a sneaky suspicion that it has to do with the fact that my kids are growing up, no correction, are grown up.  Kev is in Matric this year, he just got his own wheels, do you have any idea what this did to me? 

For 11 years I was his mode of transport, everywhere, in the middle of the night, driving him and his friends everywhere because I just wanted to make sure I knew where they were, there I was, always on duty.  And now?  No longer needed, thanks Mommy, with a sweet smile, and that's that.  Now I am the parent waiting until after midnight becuase I need to know he get's home safe.  How things change.

Just today I phoned Kev to find out if he was home safe, just that, immediately he said, Mom you always ask so many questions....sheesh!  Lost for words I tell ya.

Raising kids have been a huge and difficult journey for me, for some reason nobody fucking tells you this when you start talking about babies, that this single thing will be the most difficult you have ever done in your life, that you will just never ever be the same again.  Sure, I know, lots of benefits, cuddles and love and laughter beyond.  But that's my point, for 18 years you are made used to that, the love, the cuddles, the laughter, all that squishy lekker stuff that no Mother ever wants to let go of.  And now, almost overnight, I am literally not needed anymore, not the way I want it anyway. And then, again, just like that, they fly off into the world, as they should, and it's just never the same again. 

It's as if those lovely special memories were seared into my brain, and I find myself going back to them more and more often, just to make sure I will never forget.  Because it was so damn hard, but man alive it made my life so worth while.  I will miss them so much, them sitting on my lap, wanting only me, just because I'm their Mamma. But I have them for 18 years, if they stay after, it's a bonus, if they don't then I've done my job and I must say they are turning out to be pretty damn amazing young men, thanks to the villiage that raise them with me. 

Shit, midlife crisis, I have arrived. Whoot!

Friday, March 1, 2013

It's time

Hello :)

So incredibly weird to blog again. It's been more than 3 years. Too long right? Don't know how often I'll blog but I think I should start again. Baby steps.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

hola :)~

dumela... hello... goeie dag... gutendag... howzit???!!!

Slyde it does feel like we broke up... when i'm sleeping in the fetal position with my thumb in my mouth i think of you ok?.... somehow that just doesn't sound right does it?

what's new yall? my life is droning on, my life actually has a life of it's own, i know, makes no sense, but yeah... everything happens as it should, when it should... i've bought some new batteries for my vibrator so yes, life is goooooooood :)

my kids are so darn wonderful, Jay offered to buy me a valentines gift, awww right? hmmmm... not so much... Kay has got bigger feet than me and a busier social life than his mother... it's just all happening so fast... oh i should tell you about the funeral i went to this week... my mom's best friend passed away.... horrible cancer... anyway, i went to the funeral with my mom for moral support, my dad does not do funerals... so there i sat, and after about the 36th second my ass hit the pew the tears came... oh my gawd.... it was not a pretty sight... i was crying more than her children for goodness sakes... it wasn't that the pastor did such a sterling job, something just happened.... and there i sat with my mom consoling me... trying to focus on the bricks, trying to desperately count them (or something! but at that moment the bricks was all i had ok?) i kept wiping the tears and every time ten more tears dribbled down my cheeks... it was awful...embarrassing even... i now know why i also don't do funerals... they take me to a nasty sad place where i realize that life actually does end... it sucks man... wait, no i'm not depressed (again)... after the holidays my depression lifts like a snot filled cloud, i love the new year... clean slate and all that.... other shocking family news is that my (ex) father in law knocked my poor ex mother in law over with the car... i shit you not... every time i think about it i start laughing... crazy...crazy family.... he said it was an accident but hmmm not so convinced...whahhahahhahha... crazy old coot... ahhh, so that's all the total irrelevant shit i could think about to write about...*sigh*...

so was that as good for you as it was for me?.... let me light a cig... i chatted with my peeps...good times! i'll meet slyde in dreamland, so yeah... life is good man... snot... love and happiness.... peace out till next time :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

me again...

don't we make a lovely little family!?!
seems my off time leaves my mind to wander... so here i am again... i'm on a bit of a buzz me thinks... haven't slept in two days... no lies... will hopefully start yawning soonish...another few minutes and then it's my bday... i don't know how i feel about getting older... i actually don't like it one bit... i don't feel 37 and now i'm about to turn 38... 38!!!... shit... i know i know, age is just a figure, or a number ( i think the lack of sleep with my boer roots are kicking in now) and all that shit, but still... 38!!!! God have mercy...

no regrets tho...
rock on...
the fun bus is waiting :)~

me at 2 am...

can't sleep... won't sleep... smoking one cigarette after another... chain smoker yes?... i'm on holiday, so my sleeping patterns are up to shit ok?.... and guess what i wanted at 2 am... to blog! how odd... i miss blogging... i miss bloggers... i logged onto gmail to see if anyone was online... and nada... fokol... :) i hate the silly season... christmas was ok up until midday... then my sister managed to spoil christmas... lovely person that she is.... so just when i thought i buried the ghost of chrimstas past... new year is still another load of crap i still have to face... i wrote a looooong blog post... but it's not for anybody to see... just me talking to me... gawd i miss you guys... hope the new year brings all that is beautiful... i'll get in line too :)


Saturday, August 15, 2009

do the funky monkey...

oh well, i tried, ok i didn't really... old deceased pc is standing in the corner... dead... ish... and i really don't have the time at the moment to do anything about it... ok i'm lying... no money.... just spent my SARS refund in 2.5 seconds... so yeah... busted... you are all so damn loyal it breaks my heart.... so i promise to return in 2010... ok? ok? ok?

i think i just got a tear in my eye...

my life is real sucky right forgive me


miss you more than you know


will somebody spank me now please?!!!???

Thursday, July 9, 2009

how rude i know...

don't worry i'm pissed off at myself too...make a big hoohaa about being back and then all of a sudden i'm off the radar again....thing is... or pc broke...batman offered to have it fixed... dodgy right?... and there i made my first mistake....well at least it's working now... hmmm... well halfway anyway... it's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaly slow... dodgy right???!!!!... blue screen of death of the graphics card... i still can't figure out what was wrong... maybe it was the card... cause it's lying on my kitchen counter....yeah lovely.... cause i have sooooooooooooooo much money lying around to buy another one... thing is... what's the point in offering to have the forkin pc fixed and then all you "have done" is to take out the broken parts and flippen well not replace it!!!.... dodgy!!!!!.... so i'll do my best to be back as soon as possible... but hell i'm not promising anything anymore... so toodles for a week or so... thanks for all your comments... you rock... but hey you knew that already... :)
ps; no picture today... poor pc is totally confused when i tell it to add a picture.... dodgy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

groovy baby

the amount of posts i've written in my head the last few months is just insane... and here i am... after the millionth post... and i've just deleted like 3 posts... hmmm... i've lost my fucking groove haven't i???!!!! ... was NOT expecting that... so yeah... baby steps it'll have to be...

so as my first baby step lemme tell you about the total dish of a dentist i met on friday... just a pity i met him after i threw a total fit in the waiting room... i broke my tooth... right off... so about two weeks ago and R800 buckeroos later i had a new semi permanent little chomper until i could get a dreaded root canal and a new crown made... and friday morning i was chewing away on a piece of gum... and POP... off the semi jumps, i almost swallowed it... friday afternoon i went back to glue the fucker back right... then they produce the pre invoice you have to sign to basically ok all the thousands they are about to bill you for... so i had a back and forth with the receptionist about not paying one cent more... the whole office was involved.... loud voices and such... and i won... oh yeah oh yeah... but the dishy dentist was not impressed, all sexy and smouldering behind his little mask... hehe... i just know when to pick my battles don't I... soooo glad he didn't have to inject me cause i think he wanted to...erm... hurt me reaaaaaaaaal bad...

Friday, June 12, 2009

hell yeah :)




is it odd that the excitement of this moment is almost as good i dunno... it's just so sooooooooooo good!!!

hello all of you crazy wonderful people!!! good heavens i've missed this shit :)

it is quite indecent, ok maybe indecent is the wrong choice of words, but i cannot completely explain to you how i have missed this crazy thing called blogging... and all the bloggers... man alive...

it all depends on how much airtime my new cellphone bestows on me, that's how much i'll blog and that's how much i'll read...

ok some news:

i'm good

still love the new job

my kids are still the cutest and wildest miniatures on the planet

and no, still no mantoy

ah man i have so much to tell you and this is all i come up with???

anyhoodle.... talk soon...!!!!

*jumping up and down from excitement*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

whazzup yo?!

goodness gracious me... get me some booze... this is not easy is it?

I'm not really back, i just miss so you damn much!!!

lemme just explain, i have no Internet access anymore, well barely, currently I'm stealing some from my sister... who incidentally offered me access whenever i need it, which is kind of cool... but... there's always a but right... half of the blogging experience is reading your bloggies man... so I'll can blog, no problem... but i can't read any of yours... so tell me, being the spastic techno retard that i am... can i follow your blogs via rss feed or something via my email? if so... ga... we might be in business!

ok so lemme know, seriously...

I'm still on leave, will start the new job on Monday, can't wait!
but on the other hand i could really get used to staying at home, fetching the kids from school... strangely comforting to be around them so much... anyhoodle...damn i have so much to tell you guys it's impossible to even remember one thing... dang... I've been dangerously social this past two weeks, had a lovely bloggirls get together on Saturday and the highlight of the two weeks...

i bought myself two absolutely dreamy dresses yesterday... at a Chinese shop nogal... i know, go figure... but I'm a girl after all and dresses, they make me happy :) the owner of the shop is so funny... all she can say in english is "yes... yes!"... so i used her for some positive reinforcement comments while trying on the dresses... "don't i look great??"... her reply...

yes... yes!!!

tell me my dear Chinese woman, would it not have been a good idea to learn some splanglish or some changlish before stowing away on the first best container heading for our shores?

yes... yes!!

i know... so how long have you been here? your shop has been around for at least two years, and you still don't bother to learn the language, what's up with that? you just wiping your ass on us or what?

yes... yes!!!

*sigh* i give up...


ja i know I'm pathetic, i was really determined with the "end" but am really
fucking really
missing this shit...

so... I'll ma see... lemme know about the rss thingymabob, maybe i should corner angel and let her enlighten me... oops that just sounded wrong right?

ok... until next time, whenever that might be :)

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