Wednesday, March 20, 2013

OCD much?

Blogging was a huge part of my life a few years back.  Not in a desperate kind of crazy lady way, I just kind of got consumed by it, loved it to bits.  Now on a whim I decided to start blogging again. 

You see, here lies the problem.

Turns out I'm a bit more OCD than what I knew.  Blogging every now and again is not an option.  In my head you either go big or go home but my left brain have made an executive decision.... there will be no daily blogging.  It's just too much, with Twitter as my first love, you know? (#twitterlove)

So, this is not really a PSA more than confirmation to myself, here in black and white.  Sweets, you aren't blogging every day, so don't start thinking you are.  Deal.

Long weekend starts in 29 minutes!  I'm so happy I wonder if I should ditch my car and skip home?



3 COMMENTS....bite me!:

Anonymous said...

Seems perfectly fine to me... ;-)

AngelConradie said...

I haven't blogged daily in YEARS!

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