Wednesday, October 22, 2008

post number 324

i honestly can't believe i've written 324 posts... BUT the biggest surprise is that you actually read my posts... if i haven't met angel, glugs, sheebs, tamara, jackson, jane, philly and mzmozi in real life, i prolly would have thought you all were a figment of my overactive imagination... :)~

i've been stewing with this for a while and because i'm a very black and white kind of girl... i've done it... i've made my decision... about 3 minutes ago... i'm indefinitely going to stop blogging... *sniff*... it's just how it is right now, and it's all or nothing for me... things have changed so much in my life, it's all good and i have to move on for now... i don't have the time, i won't have access at work to blog so, the decision was actually quite painless and easy... i tried reading a few blogs every day but that's driving my crazy... i HAVE to read all the blogs on my blogroll every day, yes, i know, i'm a bit of an overkill :)

i won't be deleting my blog
maybe i'll take it up again, whenever...
i'll still read your blogs, that i promise
this is sad yes?
for me's been an awesome ride, and i've met some really incredible people that in some strange way have changed my world ...

so auf wederzein all of you beautiful people...
miss me ok?
cause i sure as shit will miss doing this and doing you... erm i mean reading your blogs :)

peace out...

40 COMMENTS....bite me!:

phillygirl said...

what?! That's very sad news, but i completely understand. I don't know how often I'd actually end up blogging if I didn't have work-time access - that's how my first blog ended after only a mere 3 months.

I hope you will take the time to do the occasional update :) And that you'll keep coming to the bloggirls lunches! Speaking of that, hope to see you on Saturday :)

c@th said...

will miss you but, i do understand. everyone needs a hiatus sometimes.


The Divine Miss M said...

Wow. So didn't see that happening!

You will be missed but I understand.

Good luck with everything and see you at my blog :)

SheBee said...

Oh noooooooooo. I'm so sad :(

I will miss you. Even though I never comment. I read you every day in my reader, you know this.

I will miss you.

You better keep in contact still! I have your number, lady. I'm just saying. I'm not afraid to use it.

Arkwife said...


This is terrible news...but like the others, I also understand.

And just because you're not blogging anymore, doesn't mean you can't come to Bloggirls lunches, okay??

Sunny said...

have a great ride, sweets!

BecauseIcan said...

I am not as understanding as the others I am afraid..

Stalking will have to ensue from my side at least..

Is there nothing we can say or do to change your mind?

I will miss your daily post .. this is a fact..

have to ask shebee for your number..easier to stalk via cell than ip..hehehehe! me yet? (yes I am needy)

po said...

Sorry to hear that because I am a newcomer and was just getting used to reading your blog every day. But it will always be there to come back to when you want it again.

ozymandiaz said...

the end is nigh
actually there has been quite a bit of this going about lately it seems
find peace

Ches said...

Geezus Sweets, Hectic...only just recently started reading your blog.

Hope to see you back sometime soon.

Good luck and stay cool.


Glugster said...

You suck.


You can't stay away. You'll be back!

By Order

Denguy said...

Is this for reals?

Maybe you should be like me and just blog whenever you feel like it--you know, sporadically.

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

no. i refuse to accept this.

Sweets said...

philly... thanks doll :) jip so far i'm there on saturday!!!

cath... hey babe!!! damn this is harder than i expected...

miss m... there you go! yes see you at your blog :)~

sheebs... for sure, you won't get rid of me that easily!!!

ark... see you saturday!!!

sunny... thanks, will try my best :)

bic... you think i don't love you???? i do, you rock, so no worries... i'll be back sometime i'm sure :)

po... i will def not stop reading your blog girlfriend, thanks for the support!

ozzy... thanks oz, i kind of needed that :)

ches... i know, hectic... but hey it is what it is right?! :)

glugs... jou gat my skat! LOL... we'll see...

den... i dunno, maybe, but i highly doubt that, it's all or nothing...

exmi... LOL... good luck with your exams tomorrow!!!!

Miss Caught Up said...

I will miss your daily blogs *sniff* Definitely keep in touch.

The Jackson Files said...

SADNESS. My weekdays are going to be a little less bright without your sweetass in them. xoxoxo

Kingcover said...

Awwwww Sweets. I'm going to miss popping around here to read your daily posts. Not many people blog every day (including myself) and so it was refreshing to have the possibility of reading something new.

p.s. you'll be back soon. You wont be able to stay away from us. We are a great bunch of imaginary people ;-D


Slyde said...

WHat? you cant do this to me!

this post made me sad :(

I was just about to gather up the nerve to finally ask you out!!!

M@ said...

And don't forget ME! Remember that time we had sex and you came four times!? God Almighty!

pure evyl said...

Everyone needs a break every now and again. Hopefully you will feel like coming back after a brief respite.

Sweets said...

miss... will do doll face ;)

jacks... awwww fanks... i've never told you this, but your blog is the first i check every day... jackson rocks :)

king... i miss blogging already... what am i going to do??!! anyway, will still pop around, so i won't be gone completely :)

slyde... damn slyde, do i scare you that much?? *sloppy kisses just for you* :)~

M@...LOL... down boy... who can forget you M@?

evyl... brief? maybe, maybe not :)~

Kitty Cat said...

Aww...I was just getting to "know" you on blogland! How sad. Why don't you just blog once a week? Don't quit. Don't leave us. Just fit it in when you can? Yes? No? Oh, okay.

sleepyjane said...

Saddest news I read all day. *pout* But as the others, I understand...

WILL MISS YOU and hope to still see you this saturday!

angel said...

oy... nou's ek sommer hartseer sweets!
this is going to be so- SO- very strange!

i'm going to miss your blog terribly, and i do hope you can find a way to come back to the bloggysphere some day- but i also consider myself immensely lucky that we have met and shared contact so we can keep in touch in other ways!

Asylum^Escapee said...

It was great reading your blog, thanks for the entertainment and all thew best with your new ventures, go out there and make it happen - the world is your oyster.

Take care and u will be missed.

Asylum^Escapee said...

And definitely going to miss these pictures of yours - feck, you always manage to get the most appropriate pics. in a totally spaced out kinda way.

Keep on keeping on

Blue Sunflower said...

Aaah Sweets.....

Please dont leave. I know I dont comment often - but I will promise....Lol.

Ruby said...

oh noes! this is terrible terrible news! and yes, i realise i'm just slightly late in responding, but i haven't been reading the blogs properly this week. Are you trying to punish me for not being a good girl at reading blogs the last couple of weeks??????

I'm off to sulk...s'cuze me!!!!

OK, so even though i'm not happy about this....I totally get where you're coming from:) I haven't exactly been the most active blogger ever the last couple of months, life's just been keeping me too busy. So good luck, hope to see your ramblings back on the net soon....don't you dare stay out of touch....I'll be knocking at your door with some sort of instrument that could hurt you badly if you did!

Anonymous said...

Ag nee man magtig. Dis nie proper nie :) No you go girl. I would battle to stop. Kinda my addiction

Kingcover said...

You can see how much we love you and are going to miss you. Come back please with some of Angel's cupcake decorations on top? Lol :-P

Tamara said...

Sigh... Still can't believe this. Will you still come to Bloggirls?

You were the first blogger I started reading regularly and one of the first to comment on my blog. I feel like my blogosphere has been seriously rocked by this announcement.

Caz said...

Not accepting it, sorry.
C'mon! who will you vent to? and share your happy thoughts with?
this is crazy talk!
Just blog sporadically like the rest of us... please??

The Jackson Files said...

Yep! Still miss ya. x

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Please come back.

Donn Coppens said...

I went through a similar phase..a couple of times actually..I was completely overwhelmed. The thing of it is that once you have discovered this amazing avenue of self expression it is hard to ignore it.

I try to follow about 90 Blogs but finally realised that it is virtually impossible...
so I pace myself and read a few a day. It's not about needing to reciprocate it's more about accomodating..the connections that we make out here are different than others..we give each other a lot of rope and we usually show up in force when one of us really needs a boost.

Once you get into your new groove you can see if there are a couple hours during the evenings that you can just stay in touch. You will miss having this facility and may find that a scaled back version is just what the Doctor ordered.

I hope to see you again but if you do decide not to write, know this...
you made a difference and I won't forget you and your unique voice.

Think it over.

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