Sunday, December 16, 2007

news flash!!!!!!!!!!

i'm on holiday...and i actually...hold on to your seat.... will be taking a break (for the rest of december) with my blogging... i may still read some of your stuff...although i can't promise... i need to do some normal person stuff... like reading... yeah actual books... among other i'll be back bright eyed and bushy the new year ... so i'll check you then ok?
angel and i will be having our birthday party together, her birthday is the 28th and mine the 29th...we'll be having ourselves a teeny weeny little party....on the 28th at firkin in centurion...if any of you have enough guts to come on over for the'll be such a jol!!!... but if you are paranoid beyond belief...well what can i say...
any questions please email me... fanfuckingtastic then!
have a good christmas, i'm going to...!!!!!

11 COMMENTS....bite me!:

sweetass RSA said...

*gasp* where did the rest of my eye go????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

Merry Christmas!

Have a fun Break!

Happy Birthday!

M@ said...

I don't start work until 2008, either!

Louisa said...

Hey! Hope you have an awesome vacation Sweet-Ass! :-)

angel said...

i'll be at the party!
i'll be at the party!

oh, yes... of course! but you already knew that right?


Szarek(Will) said...

enjoy the vacation...see you at firkins

Glugster said...

Of course I will be there. Somebody has to keep Will in check.

sweetass RSA said...

goody goody!!!!

Ruby said...

hey you guys!!!!
i'm sooo sorry....but unfortunately I won't be able to make it:-( Now we all know that a party aint a real party with out little Ruby, but I certainly hope you guys will be able to cope without me!!!
happy birthday Angelface and Sweetass! not even sure if i'll be able to give birthday wishes a bit it's a bit early!


Szarek(Will) said...


glug i dont need to be kept in check....sometimes

Kingcover said...

Have a great time at your party and try not to get too drunk! *snicker* :-D

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