Tuesday, June 3, 2008

say what?

Doodles of a journo had this meme up... yet again... nobody is forcing anybody to do this ok!? and yes i changed the questions a little bit... i quite enjoyed it...reading hers and doing mine so... here goes some random shit you didn't want to know but will know now anyway ... :)

What is in the back seat of your car right now? right now? why do you want to know this?? this is such a strange question...
When was the last time you threw up? after my birthday in December... good Lord i was sick as a dog!
What’s your favorite curse word? FUCK and the Afrikaans version... fok
What will you be doing 3 hours from now? cooking dinner, the joys of motherhood :)
Have you ever been to a strip club? actually not, should i want to go? hmmmm... isn't that a guy thing?
What is the best ice cream flavor? chocolate of course
What was the last thing you ate? a hot dog
Ever go camping? yes... the next question should have been... will you go camping again? NO
Do you have a tan? no~ it's winter.. who has a tan in winter i ask you????
Do you drink your soda from a straw? only when i'm outdoors, bees tend to get into my coke~ always...
Are you someone’s best friend? oh yes :)
Where is your mom right now? she's looking after my kids, bless her heart XXX
What colour is your watch? i don't wear a watch ~it irritates me
What comes to mind when you think of Australia? Great Barrier Reef and cork
Would you consider plastic surgery? hell yes, tummy tuck please!
What is your birthstone? I have a birthstone?! i'm kidding... i have no idea... is this important to know?!
How many kids do you want? wmwhahahahahahahahahahaha that's a joke right?! dear God I think i'm going to hyperventilate...
Have you met anyone famous? i have actually met loads of politicians... they are much shorter than you would expect
Biggest annoyance in your life right now? sexual deprivation
Are you jealous of anyone? yes, my sister, but in a good way, don't ask :)
What time is it? 2:37 pm or 14h37
Do you eat healthy? not really, well sometimes but i don't really see the point..
How old will you be on your next birthday? 21
Name one thing you’d still like to do: learn to speak Zulu
Favorite colour? is black a colour?

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Ruby said...

You've got rubymail:)

The Jackson Files said...

LOVE it. I love, love, love memes like this.

I don't think it's just politicians that are shorter than you think, but all people in the public eye.

I once had to wash Jennifer Aniston's shorts (DON'T ASK) and they were literally the size of a seven-year-old. What is that all about?

Tamara said...

21 my backside ;-)

@TJF: I do want to ask what you were doing washing Jen's shorts!

Sweets said...

ruby! yeah... i am totally flattered that you would write a letter to moi!

jacks: mwhahaaaaaaaahhahahahaha on my word i have to know!!!!!

tam: ok 21 plus vat :)

The Divine Miss M said...

Good meme :)

Anonymous said...

Jeez - now I also want to know why she had to was JA's shorts!

I love meme's. They're so great for when you really want to write but don't know what. They're also fun to read!

AngelConradie said...

heh heh... very cool list!
so how'd you get to meet politicians eh?

The Jackson Files said...

It's not very exciting.

Jennifer Aniston starred in some adverts that I worked on when I was living in the UK. In one shot she was doing pottery in a Prada dress and in another she wore these teeny-tiny little cut off denim shorts to do something I can't quite remember.

After the adverts aired, there was a competition in which someone could win the dress and the shorts.

I was tasked with washing the shorts. It made me feel very large of ass.

Just Khens. said...

Good luck with learning the Zulu....

Just by the way, what is it that ur sister has that you don't????

About the sexual deprivation.... U are mad coz U don't have much choice in the matter! :(

Get a booty call... one that will be very descrete!!!

Briget said...

Some questions that need clarification..

You never been to a strip club?
You socialise with politicians??


BTW.. I am 21 aswell and black is a colour..

Anonymous said...

what a coincidence!
I will be 21 on my next birthday and I am studying to speak zulu!

Elise said...

No, Sweets. Black is not a colour!

I know a woman who has a tan during the winter. She pretends she's just got back from Spain. We all know its fake. Its bright orange for cying out loud!

Umm.. why do yo want to learn Zulu? xx

Slyde said...

i am happy to say that i have not thrown up since an incredibly stupid night with a bottle of apricot shnapps about 10 years ago...

Unknown said...

There is a saying here: “If you have more than two bags of McDonald’s trash in your back seat, you must be a redneck.”

There are strip clubs for women—many of them on this continent. Matter of fact, there is one about a ten minute drive from me.

I appreciate the humor of your answers, dear Sweets.

c@th said...

im so doing this one!

Sweets said...

miss m: fanks :)~

jane: i agree... and for days like today when i had nada blog fodder :)

angel: if i tell you i'll have to kill you...

jacks: mwhahahahahahahaha large ass... i can imagine!

diva: my sister is a very happy woman in many different areas in her life, she deserves it totally, i just sometimes look at her and am jealous in a good way... that's all i'm saying ;)

bic: from one 21 year old to another... no never been to a stripclub! and NO i don't do politicians :)

sage: you just made me laugh out loud sage... ahhhh that was funny ;)~

elise: because the zulu's can speak to me in my first and second language and i can't return the favour... honestly i want to learn zulu and sotho :)

slyde: that's all it takes a bottle of shnapps to put you off drinking for a life time... it was that bad eh? hehe

nick: tx nick

cath: goodly goodly... i'll check it out!

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